How to stop wanting a relationship and being desperate for love.

A lonely life gradually starts feeling like there is no one for you; the people around you are seriously dating or married and this makes you nervous because it doesn’t seem like there is anyone there for you. You can’t stop wanting a relationship! When you look at yourself, life isn’t getting better, life is […]

4 Hidden Signs To Tell If An INFJ Likes You

How To Tell If An INFJ Likes You In personality assessment, one of the ways of categorizing the different personalities is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, also known as MBTI. It is a questionnaire that shows the difference in how people view life and make decisions. During the test, one option is assigned to a person […]

How To Know When A Long Distance-Relationship Is Over

How To Know When A Long-Distance Relationship Is Over Being in a lovely relationship is a beautiful feeling that once you are in it could be overwhelming and you wish it never comes to an end. But the bitter truth is that not all relationships are meant to last and being a long-distance relationship could […]