How to Backup iPhone to iCloud, iTunes, Computer and Mac

Backing up data is necessary if you have sensitive or important information on your device. Backup involves copying files from one device to online storage or another device. It’s not difficult to back up your iPhone and you can have your data saved on multiple platforms. So, if you’re wondering how to secure your files […]

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid During Wedding without hurting feelings

First of all, congratulations on taking the first step of finally settling down with the love of your life. Next on the list is planning your wedding and while doing this you will come across the troubling decision of choosing the right bridesmaid for your big day. Your bridesmaid can also be referred to as […]

Why Scope Markets is a good fit for Kenyan Traders

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of Kenya licenses and regulates SCFM Limited, doing business as Scope Markets, to offer trading services and solutions to Kenyan traders. In the sections below, we will indicate why Scope Markets is a good fit for Kenyan Traders in 2022. Regulation The Capital Markets Authority (CMA), Kenya’s financial regulator, has […]