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3 Ways to Lighten A Synthetic Wig

How To Lighten A Synthetic Wig – Compared to human hair wigs, synthetic hair is more cost-effective but most of the time you do not get the color you desire but you love the style. Many believe that’s it’s not possible to lighten synthetic hair because it made of nylon that has its color built into the pigment to the hair making it difficult for the hair to absorb color like a human hair wig. But that’s not true and if you want to figure out how to do this then continue reading as I will be reviling to you how it is possible to lighten your synthetic wig and how to get yours done.

Using dye on your synthetic wig is no doubt dangerous because it will get dry and break off. It is often advisable to hand it over to a professional to get it done for you but it can not afford a professional or you can’t find the services of one then there are a few methods that you can make use of at the comfort of your home to lighten your synthetic wig. But before we proceed you must have these materials on ready to lighten your synthetic wig;

  1. Measuring cup
  2. Knife
  3. 70% rubbing alcohol bottle
  4. FW spray paint of the color of your choice
  5. 3 sharpie markers all of the same color
  6. Spray bottle

Great, your material is now ready to let’s proceed. So there are two techniques you can use to lighten your synthetic hair, there are FW spray paint technique and the sharpie marker technique.

1. Sharpie Marker Technique

In this technique, you begin bending the marker till it breaks into half and slit the ink sticks inside with the knife. After you might have done that, you turn the ink in the ink stick into the spray bottle and add one cup of alcohol. Shake the bottle well so that the mixture will be mixed properly and if you are not satisfied with the color you can add more ink or more alcohol depending on if you want the color to be darker or lighter. When you might have gotten your desired color you can now spray it on your wig and make sure you spray it evenly to avoid having an uneven color on your wig. Thereafter, you let it dry for at least eight hours, and when you are done drying rinse it in cold water to make sure that the excess ink is gotten rid of. When you have finished with all of it you let it dry overnight and enjoy your wig in the morning.

2. FW Spray Paint Technique

This is much simpler than the previous technique one as you already have spray paint of your desired color, so you have to stress much. You just simply get your wig and spray it with your FW spray paint evenly and when you are done spray you dry it for eight hours to let the paint stick to the wig. After drying you rinse it in cold water to get the excess paint out and let it dry overnight. If you have done this then your wig is ready for use.

3. Lightening With Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda

But other than the above two techniques you can also lighten your using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. To do that using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda you need to also get a glove, wooden spoon, applicator brush, spray bottle, hairdryer, old newspaper to cover the floor, aluminum foil wrap, and clips. If you have all the mentioned materials then all you have to do is follow these steps;

  • With a mild shampoo clean the wig and dry it completely
  • Prepare your working space by spreading the newspaper and the aluminum foil wrap on the floor. Make sure it is big enough to cover the bleached hair area
  • Evenly mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide till it turns to paste
  • Spread the wig on the foil and secure it with the clips but make sure that the wig is spread in such a way that you can see the strands
  • Get your paste mixture and place it on the area you desire to lighten and let it for an hour or less depending on how light you want the wig
  • Using a shampoo wash it off and dry. No, your wig is ready for use.

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