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15 Proven Tips to get rid of Ghost Ants Permanently

The ghost ants get their common name from the fact that they are very difficult to see because of their pale color and small size.

In fact, they are so dispersed that their original native distribution is unknown. They are insects that fall into the same group of “hymenopterans” that includes wasps and bees.

The Ants Ghost are very adaptable in their habits of nesting, which appear to be similar to those of pharaoh ants. Ghost ant colonies are moderate to large and can contain thousands of workers and numerous functional queens distributed across multiple nesting sites are attracted to honeydew. They also feed on live and dead insects. Indoors, ghost ants show a preference for sweet foods and are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Unlike some other insects, they do not grow wings, the head has two antennae that help them move and three pairs of legs that are almost transparent.

Ghost ants are sweet lovers (as they also prefer greasy foods), they are easily attracted to different food smells that will eventually prompt them to live in home kitchens and pantries.

When they make their colonies outdoors, they choose several sites at ground level, including firewood piles, rock or stone crevices, or logs.

Ants maintain pre-made paths along with the floors or floors of buildings through which they enter houses. They would also follow bushes or tree branches touching buildings, or even through the wires of the utility lines around such apartments.

Unlike ringed sugar ants, ghost ants can give a mildly painful, non-poisonous bite for stamina or defense. These creatures do not usually bite or sting unless provoked or their nests threatened. Their bites may cause some discomfort or itchiness, but there are no reports of any skin reactions.

However, they do not damage furniture or pose a threat to household pets, as raspberry ants do. Its worst impact may be the transfer of disease-causing organisms. For this reason, many people use baits and various remedies to keep ghost ants under control or resist them against infestation, including the use of boric acid (borax).

Ghost ants are extremely flexible, opportunistic, and compliant ant species and can adjust both indoor and outdoor locations. They prefer to live in a home that is warm and humid. They usually create multiple nests, and ghost ants can be seen traveling or crawling between these nests. Outdoors, they prefer to live around bodies of water, such as plant debris, wet grasses, and stems. Although ghost ants do not bite humans or carry any disease, they can create many other problems and damage that can create lasting ill effects in the area they attack.

How to get rid of ghost ants

Having these ants invade the house can really be nauseating and all efforts to get rid might prove abortive because of the resistance in their species.

However, this does not encourage the use of chemicals is as it can harm you or those around you, even your pets. You don’t need to call the fumigator as it can be an unnecessary cost having other ways to do it.

Here are 15 Natural Ways to Kill Ghost Ants

1. Soap and Water

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to kill ghost ants is by spraying a mixture of soap and water on them. To make this solution, add an equal amount of water and dish soap and spray on all points where ants can be seen emerging.

2. Brine

The brine solution is one thing that ensures the death of ants upon contact. To make this solution, add some salt to warm water and fill it with the spray bottle. Spraying all corners, crevices, holes in walls and all those places where the presence of ants is suspected. This spray solution can even give much better results if after spraying the solution is left in place overnight.

3. White Vinegar

Mix two parts white vinegar and one part water and after mixing pour this solution into a spray bottle. Spraying this solution on emerging Nats spots or directly on them will eradicate their colonies completely. White vinegar is so much effective that it can work for other insetcs.

4. Cucumber

Ghost ants are very reluctant to visit those areas that contain especially bitter cucumber or cucumber. Therefore, to get rid of them, the cucumber slices can be placed in their nesting location for two to three days.

5. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is another effective and inexpensive home remedy for killing ghost ants. Spreading this powder around the ant nesting site will help get rid of them completely.

6. Mint

Peppermint powder or leaves are another home remedy to kill ants and many other insects. Crushing peppermint leaves into a small powder form and spreading them all over infested areas will help keep ants out of your area.

7. The Baits

In addition to applying the home remedies mentioned above for ants, if there are still few ants present in your area then bait can be applied. The bait must be prepared so that it can access the queens because it is only possible to eradicate the ant colony if its queens are killed. Different sweet-flavored baits can be applied to kill large numbers of ants.

8. Borax

Mix it with water and sugar and spread the paste that is created in the corners where the ants

9. Talcum powder or chalk

An ingredient in chalk and baby powder is talc, which is a natural ant repellent. Put them all over the areas where ants are penetrating your house.

10. Coffee beans

Coffee Bean gives off a repelling odor to ants.. Therefore, place them in strategic points, such as in the garden and around the outside of your house.

11. Herbs and spices

Bay leaf and other plants give off a strong smell that repel ants. Put them in cabinets and drawers. Cinnamon, black pepper, or garlic performs the same work, so sprinkle the spices in areas where the ants are found

 12. Lemon juice

The  acid in the juice confuses the direction of the ants,, making them head to another location. So spray it wherever you see them go.

13. Coffee beans

Coffee Bean gives off a repelling odor to ants. Therefore, place them in strategic points, such as in the garden and around the outside of your house.

14. Corn meal

Apparently it is also effective against an invasion of ants. It spreads along the usual path of insects.

15. Borax

Mix it with water and sugar and spread the paste that is created in the corners where the ants are seen.

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