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Kedarnath Closing Date 2024 – Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, the sacred temple town of Kedarnath is a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus across the globe. The Kedarnath temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the most essential dhams (abodes) of the Chardham Yatra that attracts thousands of devotees each year seeking blessings and a deeper spiritual connection.

The temple opens in April or May but closes in October or November due to severe snowfall and dangerous weather. In 2024, the Kedarnath Temple will open on May 11, starting another exciting pilgrimage season.

As devotees gear up for the arduous trek to the majestic temple located at 3,584 meters in the Garhwal Himalayan range, an in-depth understanding of the registration formalities, requirements, eligibility criteria, and procedures becomes imperative. This comprehensive guide covers all the critical details regarding the 2024 Kedarnath Yatra to help pilgrims undertake this life-altering journey with proper preparedness.

About Kedarnath Temple

Regarded as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Shaivites (followers of Lord Shiva) highly venerated the revered Kedarnath temple. The awe-inspiring temple was initially constructed in the 8th century AD by Jagad Guru Adi Shankaracharya and later rebuilt in the 19th century by the Garhwal kings. Surrounded by glaciers, snowy peaks and pristine lakes, the temple’s sanctum sanctorum houses a granite Shiva lingam that devotees believe emerged.

According to Hindu mythology, Kedarnath is where Lord Shiva absolved the Pandavas of their sins after the epic Kurukshetra war. The scenic backdrop of the temple set against the majestic Kedarnath range of the Garhwal Himalayas only adds to its spiritual aura for pilgrims visiting the sacred town. The rich history and religious significance attached to this remote temple town make it an essential highlight of the Chardham Yatra.

Eligibility for Kedarnath Closing Date 2024

The Kedarnath temple does not impose stringent eligibility criteria on devotees undertaking the yatra. However, certain fitness precautions need to be conducted due to the arduous terrain and high-altitude trek of 14 km.

Age Limit

There are no age restrictions per se. Devotees of all age groups can register for the yatra if they are physically fit to complete the uphill trek. Children below 13 years need to be accompanied by adults. Senior citizens above 75 must submit medical fitness certificates.


With the harsh climate and thinner oxygen levels at higher altitudes, pilgrims must be medically fit to endure the trekking conditions. Individuals with breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, heart problems or orthopaedic issues need to consult doctors before embarking on the yatra.

Physical Fitness

Reasonable strength and stamina are essential to complete the 14-km uphill climb from Gaurikund base camp to Kedarnath. Pilgrims are advised to start preparing at least 6 months in advance with brisk walking, jogging and strength training. Acclimatization to high altitudes by undertaking smaller pilgrimages like Yamunotri and Gangotri is also recommended.

Requirements for Kedarnath Yatra Registration

To complete the registration process for Kedarnath Yatra 2024, pilgrims need to fulfil the following requirements:

Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is mandatory for registration and verification purposes at the base camps.

Medical Certificate

Senior citizens above 75 must submit a medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating they can undertake the high-altitude trek.

2 Passport Size Photographs

You will need 2 recent passport-size photographs during the online registration and for biometric verification at the base camps.

Registration Fees

You will pay a nominal registration fee (approximately Rs 150 per pilgrim) online or through other modes.

Valid ID Proof

Adults opting for offline registration must carry valid photo ID proof such as an Aadhaar, PAN Card, driver’s License, Passport, etc.

Children Below 13

Children below 13 years must be accompanied by an adult with valid ID proof establishing a relationship with the child.

COVID-19 Report

Health authorities may require a mandatory negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report (taken within 72 hours).

Kedarnath Online Registration Portal

The Uttarakhand tourism department has launched an online registration platform to facilitate easy registrations for the Kedarnath Yatra and track pilgrim movements.

Website –

Key Features

  • Simple registration form requiring key details like name, age, gender, etc.
  • Direct upload of supporting documents – ID proof, photos, etc.
  • Payment gateway for online fee payment.
  • Unique application number generated post submission.
  • Email/SMS confirmation with pilgrim details.
  • Check the application status and download the registration slip.
  • Secured portal with data privacy.

Step-by-Step Guide for Kedarnath Online Registration

Follow these step-by-step instructions for completing the Kedarnath Yatra online registration process:

  • Visit the official portal
  • Click ‘New Registration’ and fill in the required personal details like name, age, gender, address, etc.
  • Upload your photograph and ID proof (Aadhaar) in the specified format as needed.
  • Carefully enter the Yatra details like preferred route, date of travel, number of persons, etc.
  • Pay the registration fee via net banking or debit/credit card as applicable.
  • Verify all details entered and submit the Kedarnath online registration form.
  • ¬†You will receive a unique application number once you submit the form successfully.
  • Check the registered email for application confirmation and registration slip.
  • Take a printout of the registration slip and carry it for verification at base camp.

Kedarnath Closing Date

Owing to extreme weather conditions, the sacred portals of Kedarnath Temple are closed every year for the winter season. The dates may vary slightly but usually fall in November after Diwali.

Kedarnath Closing Date 2024Yet to be announced by Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee.

The closure date is determined per the Panchang and Muhurat timings suggested by the temple priest. It marks the end of the Chardham Yatra season, with the deity being ceremoniously carried to the Umuku village, 18 km downhill, where He is worshipped during the winter months.

Pilgrims planning the yatra must track official bulletins and plan their return journey before the temple closes. Limited accommodation options, harsh weather and lack of facilities post-closure make it challenging to extend stays.

Tips for a Safe and Fulfilling Kedarnath Yatra

Here are some important tips to help pilgrims prepare for a smooth Kedarnath Temple visit:

  • Start preparing at least 6 months in advance by brisk walking and jogging to build stamina.
  • Carry sufficient woollen clothes, jackets, mufflers, socks, gloves, etc., to beat the intense cold weather.
  • Pack light with only necessary items to avoid luggage hassles. You can hire porters to carry loads.
  • Keep necessary medicines, first-aid kits, torches, snacks, dry fruits, walking sticks, etc.
  • Stay hydrated and acclimatize properly to avoid altitude sickness. Don’t over-exert.
  • Check weather updates regularly. Avoid monsoons between July and September due to landslides.
  • Book accommodation in advance at Gaurikund base camp or Sonprayag.
  • Reach Gaurikund at least 1 day before the Yatra to acclimatize.
  • Hire a pony or palanquin if unable to trek. Elderly pilgrims can opt for helicopter services.
  • Do not feed or disturb animals on the way. Be respectful towards the environment.
  • Carry valid ID proofs and registration confirmation for a smooth journey.


The Kedarnath Yatra offers devotees a unique opportunity to come closer to their faith and immerse in spiritual awakening. Braving challenging terrains and hostile conditions only adds to the overall enriching experience for pilgrims. By understanding the registration formalities, requirements, and important dates and following practical tips, devotees can undertake this life-changing pilgrimage with proper care and planning for an inner transformation. As the sacred portals of Kedarnath Temple open again in May 2024, we hope this guide will help pilgrims maximize the true essence of this divine journey.

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