How To Become A Private Island Caretaker

The lifestyle of living on a private island is seen to be entirely for those who are wealthy and prominent. But they are others that enjoy this privilege and they are called Private Island Caretakers.

The job of an island caretaker comes with a lot of duties but it gives you the opportunity to have that feeling of living on an island and most people desire to have that feeling even for a day. If you want to experience this then I believe that you should consider being an island caretaker and you will learn how to become one at this post.

Apart from the fun part that comes with it, the job of an island caretaker like every other job has responsibilities attached to it. The island caretaker common responsibility dangles around maintaining the ground and any facility or house that is constructed on the island.

Preparing the island for the arrival of the owner is also the duty of the caretaker and this duty may involve hard physical work. But the job offers you time to learn more about island life and do fun kinds of stuff while earning money.

Requirements To Become A Private Island Caretaker

After critically analyzing job descriptions for the position of island caretaker, we were able to headline the most common requirements for those who seek to be an employee in this field. Here are the requirements:

  • Plummer or handyman skills
  • Driving skills
  • Gardener skills
  • You must be able to work with scarce resources
  • You must be able to work unassisted by the employer and on a flexible schedule
  • You must be able to solve issues using available resources.
  • You must desire to work in the fresh air
  • First aid and care skills
  • swimming skills and good physical shape
  • Good social skills.
  • You must be able to speak English and the native language is spoken around the island if possible
  • A clean criminal record

How To Be A Private Island Caretaker

The amount of opportunities to be a private island caretaker has grown relatively because the number of private island owners is on the high rise too. And because of that, the request for the job of an island caretaker can easily be found on job websites.

So to become an island caretaker you can simply type private island caretaker job on Google and search or on any job boards. After searching you will see different private island caretaker request and you can apply for any one of your choices. To be able to stand a chance of getting the job, please be aware that your application will not be the only one due to the huge number of people looking for this job.

Hence, to stand out you have to assemble your curriculum vitae(CV) responsibly. In your CV describe your personal qualities, skills and strength evidently. You can go further to add a self-presentation video or a motivational letter to increase your chances. The whole aim is to make the employer know that you are the best prospect for the job.

Island Caretaker Pros and Cons

First of all congratulations on successfully applying for the job but while you waiting and hoping to get the job it will be best you understand the jobs Pros and Cons. The job has its specifics and needs training, coupled with a sufficient level of stress resistance.


  • It has a competitive salary
  • The great opportunity of living on an island without even buying it
  • A profitable and non-typical opportunity to travel
  • The opportunity to see rare plants or animals and live in an exotic environment
  • Opportunity to take a bunch of magnificent videos and photos for your socials.


  • You need to be prepared for a long moment of solitude on the island
  • You may have momentary distress during the duration of you getting used to the environmental changes. For instance, you are a European and you get a job as a caretaker on a tropical island, you will possibly experience insomnia, digestive issues and headaches.
  • Inability to see friends and family for a long time if you are a caretaker on a remote island
  • You will have to depend on yourself and no one else for everything.

When you understood this and are ready to manage all these inconveniences then you are good to go. And after you have made peace with these inconveniences then you are bound to get a lot of pleasure from working as an island caretaker.