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How to Get Seasoning to Stick To Popcorn

Popcorn as we all know is made up of corn kernels which expand and also puff up when it is heated. It is also one of the popular snacks everyone loves, even the smell is practically irresistible, and no wonder they serve it at the movies.

Although, it is quite nice and enjoyable it isn’t the easiest snack to prepare for some people, this is especially when it comes to making the seasoning to stick.

So today I’ll be walking you guys through in some of the various ways to get your seasoning to stick to your popcorn and not just going to the bottom like it usually does when it is added.


Before I get down to showing you the solution to your seasoning not sticking to the popcorn problem, am going to first give an outline of the reasons why the seasonings don’t stick in the first place and from there the solutions will come forth. Whether is sweet, salty, sour seasoning or even a blend, there are various reasons why they won’t stick to the popcorn some of which are:

Insufficient amount of liquid

Most seasoning are powdered, that us they come in powdered this therefore doesn’t allow them to stick to popcorn, as powders cannot stick to some surfaces on their own and would therefore require some help. Adhesive help these powdered seasonings like salt to stick to the surface of the popcorn. Seasonings like salt due to their nature would need to be covered with liquid in order to enable them penetrate the popcorn easily. These liquids include oil, water, butter and much more, but this will be elaborated on later.

Dry popcorn

Another reason why your seasonings don’t stick is due to dry popcorn or the popcorn being dry. You might be asking what dry popcorn is, well it’s actually a popcorn with dry texture. Thus happens when you use a device called an air popper to pop your popcorn. It is said to add no additional fat to the popcorn and also heats the kernels evenly thereby reducing wastage. It works by spinning raw kernels in the central chamber of the device. It also introduces hot air which a generated electrical and are used to pop the kernel. Thud makes the popcorn dry therefore making seasoning to stick to it don’t really be easy, as a result the seasoning sinks to the bottom of the bowl.

Type of seasoning

   As we already mentioned before, powdered seasoning as a result of its nature will not be able to stick to popcorn, thus means that ordinary salt isn’t fine enough to penetrate into the popcorn it will just fall out when its mixed with the popcorn, so its preferable to use popcorn salt, that way it will be able to penetrate the popcorn well, it also gives a nice boost of flavor. You can try popcorn salts like, Morton popcorn salt, kernel season’s popcorn seasoning and many others

Other reason why seasoning doesn’t stick to popcorn include; using the wrong oil, simply put you need to choose the right oil which suites your needs, after all the oil also plays an important role in the quality of the popcorn, another reason is firm caramel, when caramel seasonings used for your popcorn isn’t melted the right way it makes the sugar crystallize thereby making it too hard to stick to the popcorn


Now am going to give you an outline of what you’re going to need to get your seasoning to stick. Firstly is to pick your seasoning it can be anyone your like it prefer, there are many flavors to choose from whether it’s sweet, salty or even sour. Make sure they are in powdered form.

Next up is the adhesive liquid as you already know. That us any substance that will help to moisturize your seasoning so that it can stick to your popcorn, the adhesive you choose is dependent on what kind of flavor of popcorn you want. A spray bottle is good as it helps apply enough adhesive without making your popcorn soggy. With these you can now make your own seasoning stick.

Just a tip, if your not going to buy a popcorn and prefer using your salt at home and also don’t want to use any adhesive, you can easily do this. The reason the salt doesn’t stick in the first place is because of the size, so the ideal solution is grinding it to reduce the size and enable penetration into the popcorn more effectively. To do this you cab try using a spice grinder, thus us a tool used to grind up hard, dried whole spice, you cab use it to grind coarsely or even to fine powder. Another solution might be to add the salt to the oil while heating it up or even mix with the kernels before throwing them into the oil, this is good as it doesn’t damage the sauce pan.

By now you should be able to make your seasoning stick to your popcorn. But just for the sake of not leaving anything behind am going to show you how to make seasoning stick in various situation such as; if the popcorn is made from an air popper, on a stovetop and from a microwave too. The problem with getting season to stick with popcorn made from an air popper is that the popcorn made from an air popper is extremely dry.

To fix this problem you need to moisturize the popcorn, this is easily done by using oil or fat, and as you already know to avoid it from getting soggy, use a Mister (they are user to pressurize the liquids, so that spray comes out as mist rather than steam).

Next up is getting seasoning to stick to popcorn in a stovetop. Using a stovetop is a more traditional way to make popcorn, just by popping it. To get seasoning to stick, before popping coat the kernel with oil and seasoning as it pops the seasoning will coat your popcorn.

But if you have already popped the kernel and now your popcorn is dry, the best thing to do is to treat it like a popcorn which has been air-popped. Now to get seasoning stick to a popcorn form a microwave, this us simple just use the trick of coating the kernels in oil and then seasoning before you proceed to pop them. Or if the popcorn is already popped just use the option of seasoning an air-popped popcorn.


Finally we have coke to the end if this article, it has been a great ride but all great rides must come to an end. So in summary, I have been able to show you different ways if making your seasoning stick to your delicious popcorn, listed out some of the tools your going to need and also given you some tips in what to do in various popcorn situations.

For more information about the various things like which popcorn powder to buy, which butter is best for popcorn making, which oil is most preferred in making popcorn or even which equipment to use for the best result in popcorn, I suggest you do a bit of research so as to be sure and so you don’t make a mistake.

That’s it thank you once again for your time and don’t forget to check other articles.


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