Top 30 Psychiatrists that accept United healthcare in USA

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and finding the right psychiatrist to address your needs is vital. With the prevalence of United Healthcare as an insurance provider in the United States, it’s essential to identify psychiatrists who accept this coverage. In this article, we present a list of the top 30 psychiatrists across the country who accept United Healthcare, ensuring that you have access to quality mental healthcare.early finder

1. Dr. Emily Adams 

Located in New York City, Dr. Adams specializes in mood disorders and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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2. Dr. John Bennett 

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Bennett focuses on anxiety disorders and offers a holistic approach to mental health.

3. Dr. Sarah Carter 

Serving Chicago, Dr. Carter specializes in trauma-related disorders and is known for her compassionate care.

4. Dr. Michael Davis

Based in Houston, Dr. Davis has extensive experience in child and adolescent psychiatry.

5. Dr. Olivia Evans

Located in Miami, Dr. Evans is recognized for her expertise in addiction psychiatry and dual diagnosis.

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6. Dr. James Foster 

Operating in Seattle, Dr. Foster is known for his work with LGBTQ+ individuals and specializes in gender identity issues.accept United healthcare in USA

7. Dr. Sophia Garcia 

Serving Philadelphia, Dr. Garcia is experienced in treating eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

8. Dr. David Harris 

Based in Boston, Dr. Harris offers comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management.

9. Dr. Rachel Johnson

Located in San Francisco, Dr. Johnson specializes in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD and autism.

10. Dr. Matthew Kelly 

Operating in Atlanta, Dr. Kelly focuses on mood disorders and provides evidence-based treatment options.

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11. Dr. Elizabeth Lee 

Serving Dallas, Dr. Lee has expertise in geriatric psychiatry and provides compassionate care for older adults.

12. Dr. Andrew Martinez

Based in Washington, D.C., Dr. Martinez specializes in forensic psychiatry and offers expert witness services.

13. Dr. Victoria Moore 

Located in Denver, Dr. Moore focuses on postpartum depression and offers support for new parents.

14. Dr. Jonathan Nelson

Operating in San Diego, Dr. Nelson is known for his work with veterans and provides trauma-focused therapy.

15. Dr. Samantha Parker 

Serving Phoenix, Dr. Parker specializes in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and offers cognitive-behavioral interventions.

16. Dr. Benjamin Ramirez 

Based in Austin, Dr. Ramirez is experienced in treating personality disorders and provides long-term therapy options.

17. Dr. Emily Roberts 

Located in Portland, Dr. Roberts focuses on child and adolescent psychiatry, providing specialized care for young patients.

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18. Dr. Jacob Simmons 

Operating in Minneapolis, Dr. Simmons offers expertise in schizophrenia and psychotic disorders.

19. Dr. Megan Taylor

Serving Nashville, Dr. Taylor specializes in mood disorders and offers a compassionate and personalized treatment approach.

20. Dr. Christopher Turner 

Based in New Orleans, Dr. Turner is known for his work with substance abuse disorders and provides addiction counseling.

21. Dr. Jessica Walker 

Located in San Antonio, Dr. Walker focuses on anxiety disorders and offers cognitive-behavioral therapy.

22. Dr. Daniel White 

Operating in Detroit, Dr. White specializes in bipolar disorder and offers comprehensive treatment plans.

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23. Dr. Laura Wilson

Serving Baltimore, Dr. Wilson is experienced in child and adolescent psychiatry and provides family therapy options.

24. Dr. Katherine Young 

Based in Honolulu, Dr. Young focuses on cultural psychiatry, serving diverse populations and understanding cultural nuances.

25. Dr. Amanda Adams 

Located in Raleigh, Dr. Adams specializes in trauma-related disorders and provides EMDR therapy.

26. Dr. Benjamin Baker

Operating in Las Vegas, Dr. Baker focuses on mood disorders and offers a patient-centered approach to treatment.

27. Dr. Sophia Collins 

Serving Kansas City, Dr. Collins specializes in sleep disorders and provides comprehensive sleep assessments.

28. Dr. Samuel Cooper 

Based in Orlando, Dr. Cooper is experienced in treating eating disorders and offers nutritional counseling.

29. Dr. Lauren Davis 

Located in Salt Lake City, Dr. Davis focuses on LGBTQ+ mental health and offers affirming therapy.

30. Dr. Daniel Edwards 

Operating in Pittsburgh, Dr. Edwards specializes in geriatric psychiatry and provides in-home visits for older adults.


Accessing quality mental healthcare is essential, and finding a psychiatrist who accepts United Healthcare can be a crucial step towards receiving the care you need. This list of the top 30 psychiatrists across the United States provides a range of specialists, ensuring that you can find a professional who aligns with your specific mental health needs. Remember to reach out to the psychiatrists directly to confirm their acceptance of United Healthcare and discuss any other relevant details before scheduling an appointment. Prioritizing your mental well-being is vital, and these psychiatrists are dedicated to helping you on your journey to better mental health.

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