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How to make money with Wayfair affiliate program

Are you looking for new ways to monetize your home décor blog or interior design website?. Then look no further than Wayfair Affiliate program, but is it worth it? Read on to find out.

Wayfair is a North American retail store for home furnishings and décor, they have millions of products you can promote through the Wayfair Affiliate program.  Even though Wayfair is a big brand, very few know about its affiliate program. If you have home décor, interior design, or family blog/website Wayfair’s affiliate program is one you should highly consider, stick around and I’ll tell you all about it

Basics Of Wayfair Affiliate Program:

How to make money with Wayfair affiliate program

For quite a while you could only join Wayfair’s affiliate program through ShareASale but that has been changed. The affiliate program is now hosted on Cj Affiliates, if you are already a Wayfair Affiliate through ShareASale you can join the CJ program and update your affiliate links.

The good thing about WayFair is that it’s widely known in North America with Offices in the U.K., Ireland and Germany. It’s one of the alternatives affiliates use now if they used to monetize their blog through  Amazon Associates. To promote Wayfair Affiliate program you have to join CJ publisher. Once sign-up for CJ publisher and Join the program you’ll not only be able to promote Wayfair products but also products from their sister companies; Birch Lane, Joss & Main and All Modern. The program terms described below are also applicable to these companies.

It’s important to note that Wayfair checks every approval request with that said to benefit from swift approval you should have a functioning site with a reasonable amount of traffic and content. You’re also required to provide all the means by which you plan to promote your affiliate links including social media accounts.

However, you are not allowed to join the program if your site deals with controversial issues such as politics, adult themes, religion etc and you have zero chance of getting approved if you’re in the CBD niche. If you run a price comparison, discount or voucher site you cannot use Wayfair’s Affiliate program.

Affiliates get a 7-day referral period unlike the standard 30-days but in comparison it’s better than the 24-hours given by Amazon and EBay when promoting furniture on their sites. As I said before Wayfair has offices and warehouses across North America, UK, Ireland and Germany so if you don’t have traffic from these regions Wayfair is not the program from you as they do not provide international shipping to any other country at the moment. They do provide their customers with free two-day shipping, amazing deals every day and real customer service to make shopping easy and fun.

Just like most affiliate programs, Wayfair does not allow you to bid on the company’s trademarked items. The program also doesn’t allow direct linking to the product listing from ads. If you run ads, you must always link your website first then to the product listing. You also can’t use coupons or promotional codes. Wayfair Affiliates can use email marketing but the email must not be structured in a way that reader’s believe it is sent by Wayfair, this is a standard clause in most Affiliate programs.

You can recommend your favourite pieces of furniture to your audience but the email cannot be solely a list of discounted products. That could be perceived as an email from Wayfair. You must also send a copy of the email to Wayfair, however, it’s not clear whether you have to send Wayfair each email and whether you have to send it before you send it to your audience.

You can promote Wayfair on your website as long as you own and manage it, also on social media sites like reddit, Facebook etc but you are not allowed to promote Wayfair on Pinterest. If you are American it’s important to note that Wayfair may not allow you join their program in certain states due to nexus tax laws. The list of states are at the very bottom of their terms and conditions so it’s important to check if your state is listed.

Wayfair Affiliate Program Commissions:

Wayfair has 7% commission with average order size of $300, the commission percentage is less than Amazon’s 8% on furniture but it’s important to note that Amazon only has 24-hour referral while Wayfair has a seven-day referral period. If someone with Wayfair Pro account orders via your link, then you’re not eligible for commission. You get your earnings via PayPal or direct deposit.

How to make money with Wayfair Affiliate program:

Wayfair does not allow the use of direct ad links sending traffic to their website as I said before. Therefore, if you want to promote Wayfair products a niche website or social media presence around home décor and interior design and furnishings is the way to go.

A niche website is the most appropriate route then supplementing with social media as terms and conditions of Affiliate programs can change to exclude social media from their programs. When most people are looking to buy furniture they mostly look for inspiration, as they have no clear idea of what they want. Most peoples search for inspiration on Pinterest, you cannot directly draw traffic to Wayfair’s listing as that would violate their terms but you can drive traffic from Pinterest to your website content with your links to Wayfair.

Should You Join and Is it Worth it?:

We couldn’t find any drawbacks which is a rarity. It’s true that some Affiliates might have a hard time getting approved, but this usually happens with price comparison sites. If you have a niche website about furniture and décor then I think you should give Wayfair Affiliate a try.

Even though both  Amazon and Wayfair have lots of amazing deals, I think many people who buy furniture prefer specialized retailer such as Wayfair rather than Amazon and eBay which sell everything.

However, you can join multiple affiliate programs and test which one gets you the best commissions. publishes fully work from home remote jobs, visa sponsorship jobs, study abroad scholarships, and other opportunities and information that are relevant to you. See below for other information you may like.

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