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Astron Energy Bursary 2025- Astron Energy, a prominent petroleum products supplier in Southern Africa, offers bursaries as part of its commitment to skills development and socio-economic transformation. The bursary program aims to support South African students pursuing various qualifications at registered tertiary institutions.

About Astron Energy 

Astron Energy is a leading provider of petroleum products in South Africa, with a broad network of around 850 service stations. Astron Energy runs the third-biggest crude oil refinery in the nation, which can process 100,000 barrels per day.

The South African operations spanned over a century when it opened its doors in 1911 under the name Texaco Company (South Africa) Ltd. In 1936, the two parent companies—Chevron and Texaco—formed a partnership to establish Caltex, the firm’s retail arm. After changing its name to Caltex (Africa) Ltd in 1940, the company changed it again to Caltex Oil (SA) Ltd in 1964. The refinery in Milnerton, Cape Town, was established in 1966, significantly boosting the business’s investments in South Africa, after which the company was transformed into a private company in 1975. Chevron South Africa’s founding resulted from a combination between Chevron and Texaco in 2005.

This is an excellent chance for Astron Energy to combine all its brands under one umbrella. As a result, Astron Energy will represent the company publicly at all forecourts and other significant locations, serving as the overall brand across corporate, commercial, and retail. Astron Energy’s goal is to become the most popular fuel brand in South Africa, which is a significant step towards that goal.

Eligibility Criteria for Astron Energy Bursary 

To qualify for the Astron Energy bursary program, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • South African citizenship
  • Age under 35 years on the closing date of the application call
  • Completed Matric or currently in Matric
  • Registered or intending to study full-time at an accredited South African tertiary institution
  • Pursuing their first undergraduate or post-graduate qualification
  • Obtained outstanding academic results

Meeting the eligibility criteria is an important first step in the application process. Applicants who do not fulfill all requirements will automatically be disqualified.

The bursary program primarily targets youth who have demonstrated academic excellence but lack financial resources to further their education. However, financial need alone does not qualify one for the bursary. Applicants need to present an outstanding academic track record showing the potential to succeed at tertiary level.

The bursary covers studies towards a first qualification, so those already holding an undergraduate or post-graduate qualification do not qualify. This allows the program to empower youth who would otherwise miss out on educational opportunities.

Application Requirements for Astron Energy Bursary 

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria outlined above, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Grade 11 final results report and Matric certificate
  • Official academic transcripts/records if currently studying at tertiary level
  • Proof of acceptance or provisional acceptance for studies in 2025 by a South African university, university of Technology or TVET college
  • Where applicable, proof of funding awarded by NSFAS or confirmation of any other bursary funding
  • Completed and signed consent form from parent/guardian for applicants below 18 years
  • Relevant medical documentation for applicants with disabilities or special needs

All copies of documents submitted must be recently certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, police station or university/school. Certification should not be older than three months at the point of submitting the bursary application. Applicants still in Matric must submit their Grade 11 final results report and upload their Matric certificate immediately after it is issued.

Meeting application requirements demonstrates the applicant’s commitment, organizational skills and attention to detail – attributes necessary for academic success. Submitting complete, accurate documentation also indicates respect for processes and procedures.

Online Application Portal for Astron Energy Bursary 

Applications for the Astron Energy bursary are submitted online through the AEBursary portal at The user-friendly portal allows applicants to access information about available funding opportunities and apply through a simple online form.

The online process is more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly than traditional paper-based applications. Applicants can complete applications in their own time from any location with internet access. The portal sends prompt email confirmations when applications are successfully submitted.

Once logged into the portal, applicants can track the status of their applications and receive notifications of any outstanding documents required. All applicant information and documents are stored securely on the cloud-based system.

The online application portal modernizes the administration of the Astron Energy bursary. By digitizing applications and leveraging technology, assessment turnaround times are significantly reduced.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Applying for the Astron Energy bursary through the online portal only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps for smooth sailing:

  1. Visit the AEBursary Portal

    Open your web browser and enter the url – Click on the “Apply Now” button to get started.

  2. Complete the Online Application Form

    Accurately complete all sections of the form. Information includes your biographical details, academic history, institution and study details.

  3. Provide Supporting Documentation

    Upload electronic copies of all required documents. Ensure documents are valid and correctly certified.

  4. Review and Submit

    Carefully review all information entered before submitting your application. Once submitted, applications cannot be amended.

  5. Check Emails

    Look out for the confirmation email indicating successful submission of your application. Flag emails from the portal as priority to avoid missing important updates.

Submitting an accurate, complete application with all supporting documents supplied demonstrates your attention to detail and administrative skills. Meeting deadlines also speaks to your reliability.

Application Deadline

The annual call for Astron Energy bursary program applications typically opens around August and closes on November 1st for funding commencing the following academic year.

For example:

  • August 1, 2024 – Call for applications opens for 2024 academic year funding
  • November 1, 2024 – Deadline to submit applications
  • January 2025 – Successful applicants notified
  • February/March 2025 – Studies commence

Meeting application deadlines is crucial when applying for the bursary program. The online portal closes automatically on the cut-off date, not allowing late submissions. Applicants should, therefore, commence their applications early and give themselves sufficient time to supply all required documents.

Submitting an application ahead of time also allows the administrator to identify and request any outstanding documentation. Applicants can then ensure their applications are fully complete before the November 1st cut-off.

Tips to Improve Your Chances

With popular bursary programs like Astron Energy’s, competition is stiff, so applicants must distinguish themselves through their applications. Here are useful tips to strengthen an application:

  • Accuracy – Provide accurate and honest details in all sections. Any inaccurate information could lead to disqualification when validated.
  • Completeness – Ensure no required documents are outstanding and all copies are correctly certified and under three months old. Incomplete applications hold back the review process.
  • Eligibility – Carefully review the criteria and only apply if you meet all outlined requirements to avoid automatic disqualification.
  • Academic Record – Submit official transcripts reflecting excellent Grades 11/12 results. Include awards and merits that demonstrate academic performance.
  • Instructions – Read instructions carefully, follow completely and adhere to deadlines. Sloppy applications indicate an inability to follow rules.

Paying attention to detail, meeting guidelines and communicating respectfully are critical skills expected from bursary recipients. Applicants who follow instructions showcase these core competencies in their applications.

What the Bursary Covers

The Astron Energy bursary offers comprehensive funding that seeks to cover all direct study-related expenses. Successful candidates could receive funding for:

Tuition Fees

The bursary covers the full cost of tuition fees payable to the accredited tertiary institution where the student is registered. Fees are paid directly to the institution once a student acceptance letter is presented.


An annual textbook allowance is provided for prescribed academic books and learning materials. Claims are processed upon presentation of official receipts.


Bursary recipients who live further than 50km from campus qualify for accommodation funding or rental assistance. The tertiary institution housing department manages funds.

Meals and Food

A monthly food allowance assists with daily meals and living expenses. These costs are based on location and paid into students’ bank accounts.

Other Necessities

The bursary also covers other expenses such as a laptop, calculator, or project equipment if required for studies. Funding to attend academic conferences or enrichment programs may also be sponsored.

The bursary alleviates economic pressures that could undermine academic focus and performance by providing financial support that covers all aspects of studying. Students can fully apply themselves to their studies without worrying about fees or living costs.

Additional Bursary Benefits

Beyond direct funding that enables scholars to further their studies, Astron Energy bursaries come with extra benefits:

Mentorship and Guidance

Mentorship provides bursary recipients with individualized support, advice and coaching from professionals in their field of study. This motivational guidance prepares students for the workplace.

Workplace Exposure

Bursary recipients complete vacation work to gain practical experience in their area of specialization. Hands-on learning in real work environments produces more competent graduates.

Leadership and Skills Development

Non-technical professional enhancement and life skills training prepare well-rounded graduates for the world’s complexities.

Psycho-social Support

Counseling assistance with issues like stress management ensures recipients maintain holistic wellness during their academic journey.

The combination of individualized support structures, professional guidance and financial provision empowers recipients to gain the most from their educational opportunities. Graduates enter the workplace as qualified, experienced professionals filled with leadership potential.

Bursary Renewals

The Astron Energy bursary program funds students for the minimum duration of their qualification, subject to satisfactory annual performance. Ongoing funding is not automatic but depends on:

Academic Performance

Students must maintain prescribed academic standards by passing all modules and progressing to the next level of their qualification. Most programs require at least 60-65% aggregate.

Full-time Enrollment

Recipients must continue studying full-time and remain registered at an accredited tertiary institution. Deferrals or part-time studies should be pre-approved by the bursar.

Code of Conduct

Bursary recipients should uphold integrity and responsibility standards befitting ambassadors receiving privileged support. Transgressions of institutional codes of ethics may lead to suspensions of funding.

Adhering to academic, enrollment and conduct requirements enables students to renew bursary awards annually until their qualification is obtained. The funding continuity allows unbroken progress towards successful tertiary qualification.

How to Get More Information

Prospective applicants who need more information on the Astron Energy bursary program can make use of the following channels:

Online Portal

Visit to access the FAQ section for guidance on application and bursary process queries.

Email Queries

General bursary inquiries or application status follow-ups can be emailed to Expect responses within 2-3 working days.

Telephonic Assistance

Call the Excel@Uni Support Centre at 0800 111 136, Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm for personal assistance from consultants.

Astron Energy Website

High-level company information and bursary promotional material can be found at Navigate to the Sustainability or Careers pages for bursary details.

Ready and willing to provide guidance, Astron Energy ensures prospective applicants have access to accurate program information so they can submit complete, compliant funding applications.


The Astron Energy bursary program empowers high-potential South African youth to access quality tertiary education, unlocking their ability to reach their full potential and maximize their future contribution to society. As a leader in socio-economic transformation and skills development, Astron Energy remains invested in growing the pool of skilled talent within our communities.

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