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Massachusetts fuel assistance 2024 – application portal guide

Massachusetts fuel assistance 2024 – Follow the instructions here to apply for your Massachusetts Home Energy Assistance Program. See the application portal and guide here-

In this article, find complete information about the Massachusetts Home Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP including the eligibility, application portal, steps to apply online, benefits, contact phone numbers, how to check application status, required documents, funding amount for LIHEAP and other relevant guides.

Are you a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States of America living in Massachusetts?, do you find it mostly difficult to pay for energy bills, do you need fuel assistance to help you pay for your fuel utilization in Massachusetts? Then this article is specially curated for you. Before we proceed, to learn more about the LIHEAP program in Massachusetts, I have properly researched and have provided you with straightforward and concise information about this program, so everything you need to know about this program is detailed in this article just for you

What is the Massachusetts Low Income Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP all about?

The Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program is a program funded by the Federal Government of the United States of America to help low-income households pay for energy, heating, and cooling costs by providing them with financial assistance. The Massachusetts Low Income Energy Assistance program is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

If you are a homeowner, household, or a renter and your cost of heat or cooling energy utility is included in your ent, you can go ahead to apply at the local agency office in your area in person or simply apply through an online portal. To continue reading,  you may be wondering why this assistance is provided and what it is meant for, you might also think that the Federal Government is trying to play smart by providing this assistance up front for those who can’t afford to pay at the moment and will be deducting it from your income later on, Lol.

But just to clear your doubts, you can read more on the objective of the Low Income Heat Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP in Massachusetts here below: 

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Objective

The main objective of the Massachusetts Fuels Assistance program is to provide households who are eligible for assistance to pay for their heating and winter energy bills by paying fixed amounts of money according to their household income. The LIHEAP program is legit, so no need to worry if you should go on to apply for it. It ensures that low-income earners who cannot afford to pay for their energy utilization bills can stay warm during the winter.

There are requirements you need to meet either as a homeowner, household, or renter in Massachusetts to be eligible for the Low Income Heating Energy Program, LIHEAP in Massachusetts, United States of America, and those eligibility criteria are listed below:

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Eligibility Criteria

  • First, you just make sure that you’re the one responsible for paying all your energy cost

  • To be eligible for the LIHEAP program, your household income must not be more than 60 percent of the estimated median income for the state

  • Your household size and the Gross annual household income of every member of your household aged 18 years and above will be determined and eligibility is based on this Gross income.

  • You must have a household or home size of one,1 or more people living with you

  • Beneficiaries must be citizens of the United States or a permanent resident who is qualified based on the eligibility criteria

  • Live in a house that is heated by electricity, propane gas, fuel oil, or natural gas.

  • As a homeowner, you must occupy your home and make

  • As a renter, you must be the one paying for your fuel and energy utilities and not your landlord

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Benefits

At this point, you want to how much fuel assistance you will get from the Massachusetts Low Income Energy Assistance Program and the benefits attached if you are eligible, continue reading more to see how much you stand to gain.

The LIHEAP program in Massachusetts for low-income persons pays up to one thousand dollars, $1000 in every winter heating season but the amount of fuel assistance you can get will be determined based on your household income, household size(number of persons in your home), cost of heating energy, and the type of heating fuel utilized in your home which includes coal, kerosene, wood, electricity, propane, natural gas and oil

If you are eligible to obtain LIHEAP assistance, payments will be made directly to the energy provider or vendor starting from 1st November to the 30th of April.

Application Portal Guide for the Massachusetts Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

The online application for the Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program opens on the 1st of October each year for each 2024  season which is between 1st November 2022 to 30th April, 2024. Beneficiaries can apply online via the LIHEAP online portal and can also apply in person by visiting the Massachusetts Fuel assistance community center  in their area

Step-by-step Guide On How To Apply Online
  • To apply online, you can visit the online portal and follow the prompts to fill out the application form for the Low Income Heat Energy Assistance Program in Massachusetts

  • To apply in person, contact your local directorate or agency to locate your agency for the Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program 

To apply for the Massachusetts Energy Assistance program for low-income earners, you must have the following requirements:

  • A valid proof of identification for the primary applicant head of your home or household and include a valid driver’s license, and a recent photo passport

  • A list stating all your household members 

  • All necessary information concerning your energy heating utilization bill should include the name of the energy provider or vendor and account details

  • Your housing information either of a mortgage statement or an active lease

  • Accurate and valid proof of income example, pension, wages, or salary before the date of the LIHEAP application.

Check the Cold Relief Brochure for more information

How To Check Application Status

To check your application status for the Massachusetts Energy Fuel Assistance Program, you can call your local agency to find out about the status of your application and you must provide your basic information about your identity and other vital details required by them. 

Alternatively, you can also check your application status by using the email address and password you used during the registration to log in to your account. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a notification about the payment

Contact Phone Numbers

You can contact the Massachusetts Low Income Heat Energy Program, LIHEAP main office  using the phone numbers and address below:

** 100 Cambridge Street,

Suite 300, 

Boston, MA, 02114

Or via phone at:



And Online at:


How Does Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Work?

The Massachusetts Fuel Energy program funds are only available to anyone who owns a home or resides in Massachusetts and who cannot afford to pay for their energy and fuel utilization expenses in a month due to their financial status and who are not also eligible for a federal or state energy and fuel assistance.

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Income Guidelines

Households Gross Annual Income should not be more than 60 percent, 60% of the Massachusetts State median rate of income. In 2024, household income must be $59,359 for a household or family size of two,2 and $87,294 for a household size of four, 4 persons.

How Much Does Fuel Assistance Pay in Massachusetts?

The amount an eligible homeowner, household, or renter can get for the Massachusetts Low Income Heat Energy Program, LIHEAP varies annually based on household income, funding availability, Federal Government income guidelines, and family size.

Do I qualify for Fuel Assistance in Massachusetts?

To qualify for the Low Income Heat Energy Program in Massachusetts, you meet all the eligibility criteria as stated below:

  • You must be a homeowner, renter, or household living in Massachusetts

  • Be responsible for paying your fuel and energy utilization costs

  • Live in a house that is heated by natural gas, wood, coal, electricity, oil, and propane gas

Massachusetts Energy Assistance Programs

The Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program is 100 percent, 100% free for all those who are eligible. Please be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters who require a fee to process the application. Other programs funded by the Federal Government in Massachusetts include: the Weatherization Assistance Program, WAP, and the Heating System Repair and Replacement Program, HEARTWAP

I am glad you’ve read this article to the end and I hope you found the information here helpful. To stay updated on the latest information about the Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program, MEAP, keep checking out our portal and leave us a comment in the message box below.

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