UKFPO Eligibility 2024 –

UKFPO Eligibility 2024 –The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) has made eligibility for submitting an application for the 2024 intake available for registration. To be considered for admission to the Foundation Programme’s recruitment phase, which was to begin in September 2023, overseas medical graduates had first to complete an eligibility application. Applicants had to complete the online eligibility form through the Oriel application system and provide all necessary supporting documents by the deadline of 25 July 2023.

Those deemed eligible would gain access to the full UK Foundation Programme application, which was to open from 20 September to 4 October 2023. Important eligibility requirements included certification exams like PLAB and English language proficiency. Our guide here was to provide step-by-step assistance on meeting eligibility criteria through the assessment stages leading to the final matching process for Foundation Programme posts beginning August 2024. When the window opened, eligible applicants also had the option to apply for Specialized Foundation Programmes and Foundation Priority Programmes.

About UK Foundation Programme (UKFP)

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) oversees the operation and ongoing improvement of the Foundation Programme across the UK. Jointly funded and governed by NHS England and the four UK Health Departments, the UKFPO manages the national application process and provides guidance on training to promote consistent standards. In addition, the office facilitates collaboration and sharing of best practices among partners to enhance the quality of foundation training. Its overall mission is to aid the development of the Foundation Programme and ensure it continues to meet the needs of trainees and the National Health Service into the future through its leadership on matters of policy, applications, standards, and continuous improvement.

Key Objectives

  • Allocating approximately 8,000 UK medical graduates to F1 training programs across the UK
  • Managing the eligibility application process for non-UK graduates
  • Leadership and quality assurance of academic selection processes
  • Recruiting to stand-alone programs across the UK
  • Oversight of the development and production of the UK Foundation Programme Curriculum
  • Responsibility for ensuring appropriate tools are available for foundation doctors to complete the online e-portfolio in line with the requirements and core content of the curriculum

What is a UKFPO Eligibility Application?

The eligibility application for the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) includes an online form completed through the Oriel system and supporting documentation. Oriel is the centralized application platform for the UKFPO and national medical training programs. Within the online form, applicants can upload certain required supporting documents. However, additional evidence may need to be submitted separately. While this guidance focuses on creating and submitting the eligibility application, prospective trainees for the Foundation Programme are advised to thoroughly review the separate application policies and instructions provided for that program. Successful registration with the Foundation Programme requires compliance with eligibility criteria and the program’s application components and deadlines.

The eligibility application is a prerequisite before submitting the full UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) 2024 application. Applicants must complete the eligibility process and be approved before the September 2023 deadline to enter the UKFP recruitment phase. If deemed eligible for the Foundation Programme, applicants can then complete the full UKFP application form. They can apply for Specialised Foundation Programmes (SFPs) and Foundation Priority Programmes (FPPs) in addition to the standard UKFP. However, all applicants must be granted eligibility before accessing the UKFP 2024 recruitment and matching system in the autumn.

Eligibility Applications UKFP 2024 – How to Apply

There are two steps to submitting an eligibility application:

Step 1: Register with an account on the online application portal Oriel. Fill in an online eligibility application form.

Step 2: Upload supporting evidence on Oriel and submit your application form.

Step 1: Register with an account on the online application portal Oriel and fill in an online eligibility application form.

For optimal performance, applicants should access their Oriel application system through compatible browsers, which include the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Using multiple windows or tabs to access your Oriel account simultaneously is not advisable. It is also not recommended to utilize mobile devices for managing applications. For additional support navigating the Oriel system, consult the Frequently Asked Questions section on the UK Foundation Programme Office’s (UKFPO) website. Adhering to these browser, platform, and account management guidelines will help ensure a smooth interface with the online application portal and prevent technical issues.

To set up a new account and register:

  • Go to
  • choose the ‘UK Foundation Programme’ tile under the Applicants section on the left-hand side of the screen
  • when you get to the ‘Welcome to Oriel page,’ click ‘register’ on the top right of the screen
  • from the account registration options, choose ‘register to apply for the eligibility application process’

After completing registration, applicants can access the Eligibility application form by selecting “Vacancies” and choosing the 2024 Foundation Programme Eligibility option. This vacancy listing contains the necessary application registered users must submit to have their credentials reviewed for eligibility to continue pursuing a place in the 2024 Foundation Programme.

Step 2: Upload supporting evidence on Oriel and submit your application form.

The online eligibility application requires applicants to provide personal details, information about their primary medical qualification, and activities undertaken since completing their medical degree, if applicable. This includes elaborating on clinical experience gained and employment history. Applicants must also present evidence of their English language competency for evaluators to effectively gauge oral and written proficiency levels. Supplementing the form with specifics on these key areas will facilitate appropriate assessment during the eligibility review process.

Supporting documents/information MUST be provided/uploaded on Oriel

Do not upload evidence to Oriel in zip file format.

Timeline / Deadlines for the UK Foundation Programme (UKFP)

Date Milestone
4 July 2023 Eligibility application window opens
From 4 July 2023 Applicants who need PLAB must email to request exam slots
25 July 2023 Deadline to submit eligibility application
10 August 2023 Eligibility outcomes released
24 August 2023 Deadline for applicants to set up GMC account for PLAB
31 August 2023 Deadline to request PLAB 1 date
12 September 2023 Deadline to send PLAB 1 booking confirmation
20 September – 4 October 2023 National application window opens
20 September – 4 October 2023 Pre-allocation application window
3 October 2023 Qualification deadline for PLAB applicants
4 October 2023 Deadline to submit foundation programme application
4 October 2023 Deadline to submit pre-allocation application
2 November 2023 Last PLAB 1 exam date
7-10 November 2023 Clinical Assessment dates
28 November 2023 Clinical Assessment outcomes issued
21 December 2023 Deadline to send PLAB 1 results
31 January 2024 Deadline to request PLAB 2 date
13 February 2024 Deadline to send PLAB 2 booking confirmation
April 2024 Advised to apply for GMC provisional registration
31 May 2024 Last PLAB 2 exam date
5 July 2024 Deadline to send PLAB 2 results and GMC registration application
6 August 2024 Must have qualified and hold provisional GMC registration

 Step-by-Step Application Process

Applicants are advised to only log in via one browser at a time (that is, don’t have Oriel open in more than one window/tab). Applicants are advised not to use a mobile device. Further information about accessing Oriel is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the UKFPO website.

 1. Register for an account on Oriel

  • Go to On the main landing /welcome page click ‘register’ on the top right of the screen

ukfpo eligibility 2024

  • The registration page will display a list of vacancy options to register for. Choose “register to apply for the eligibility application process”.

2. Accessing the vacancy

Once registered, applicants can complete the eligibility application form. Once logged into your account, you can access the eligibility application form by selecting “Vacancies” in the left-hand column and then searching for the eligibility vacancy for the 2024 Foundation Programme.

The eligibility vacancy can also be found by searching for it from the main landing page.

  • Click on “vacancies” and then in the advanced search box enter “Foundation”.

Tips for Success

  • Applicants are advised to begin their application at the earliest possible convenience and to familiarise themselves with the requirements for providing supporting evidence.
  • Applicants MUST complete steps 1 and 2 as detailed above between 04 July 2023 (09:00 BST) and 25 July 2023 (12:00 noon BST). Suppose an applicant does not submit the online application form and provide the necessary supporting evidence. In that case, their eligibility application will be incomplete, and they will be deemed ineligible to apply for UKFP 2024.
  • The UKFPO does not provide a pre-checking service to applicants and will not review the content or supporting evidence of applications before submission.
  • The UKFPO will not contact applicants if the information they have provided on Oriel is incomplete.
  • Applicants MUST upload the required documents onto Oriel before submitting their application form on Oriel.
  • Applicants should ensure they have thoroughly checked their application and supporting documents before submitting their application.
  • Applicants cannot upload additional documents or make changes to their application once it has been submitted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the information they are submitting as part of the application and ensure it meets the specified requirements. Failure to upload the required documents will make the applicant ineligible.
  • Some eligibility applicants are deemed ineligible each year due to small errors and omissions on their application forms. Applicants are reminded to carefully read the guidance on the UKFPO website to ensure they fully understand the information and supporting evidence required within the application process.
  • Applicants should note that if they have submitted their application in error or there is a mistake on their submitted application, this cannot be undone on Oriel. The submitted application cannot be edited.
  • Applicants in this situation must re-register for a new account on Oriel and submit a new application within the application window using a different email address. (Please inform the UKFPO via email at as soon as possible if you have submitted a new application and advise the team which application should be withdrawn. Please note this is not the preferred process, and applicants are encouraged to complete the application correctly in the first instance).
  • Applicants who experience any technical issues with the application form are advised to open a new browser, clear their internet browser history, or delete the cache in the first instance. If this does not help, applicants can contact the technical helpdesk at for support.
  • Applicants who are deemed “eligible” or “eligible with conditions” must also complete the separate application on Oriel for the two-year Foundation Programme for 2024. Applicants must refer to the main Foundation Programme application timeline for application dates.

 Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to apply for the Foundation programme?

  1. UK medical school graduates who their medical school has nominated.
  2.  UK medical school graduates who graduated more than two years before the start of the programme who have applied through the UKFPO’s Eligibility process and their application has been deemed eligible.
  3. Applicants who have graduated from a non-UK medical school who have applied through the UKFPO’s Eligibility process and their application has been deemed eligible.

How do I apply for foundation training/to the Foundation Programme?

Applicants will either be nominated by a UK medical school or through the UKFPO’s Eligibility process (refer to separate guidance on the Eligibility page). You will need to submit an online application through Oriel.

All applications must be submitted through Oriel (the national online application system). Applicants can access Oriel via Applicants should start their applications early to allow sufficient time to complete the necessary sections of the application form and to gather evidence supporting their application.

Once you have been nominated and have registered on Oriel or deemed eligible through the UKFPO’s Eligibility process, you will need to search for the Foundation Programme (FP) vacancy.

Am I required to sit the Situational Judgement Test (SJT)?

No. The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is no longer part of the FP application process and no FP applicant is required to sit it.

Some of my documents are in a different name (for example, my previous last name). Can I still apply?

Yes. If the names given on your passport, eligibility application form, medical school degree certificate, and Dean’s Statement do not match, you must upload documentation to Oriel confirming an official name change (for example, a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree certificate).

You must complete all documentation and the online applications using the same name in the same format each time it is shown. For example, suppose your name is written as John Smith on the eligibility application form. In that case, it must appear that way in all future documentation and correspondence, not as Jonathan Smith, John A Smith, JA Smith, Smith John, etc. The name you record on your online eligibility application form must match the name on your passport.

I have more than one nationality; which one should I include on my application form?

If you have dual nationality / multi-citizenship, please ensure that you complete the online Oriel application with information on the most relevant nationality regarding providing evidence of your right to work in the UK and upload the relevant passport / ID card.

Please note that the nationality provided on your application form will determine whether you will be required to undertake the PLAB examinations.

I am studying medicine at a non-UK medical school; can I apply to the Foundation Programme?

Yes. You must first apply through the UKFPO’s eligibility process over the summer months. Please refer to the Eligibility Applicant Guidance on the Eligibility page.

Can I link my application to another applicant?

Yes. You can link your FP application to that of another applicant to request you are both allocated to the same UoA. You can only link to one other applicant. Refer to the UKFP applicant guides for details of the application and allocation process for linked applicants.

Links will not be considered if either applicant accepts an SFP or FPP offer.

If you link with someone subsequently approved for pre-allocation to a UoA based on personal circumstances, your link will be broken.

Links will be broken if your UoA preferences (ranking of foundation schools) are not in the same order as each other. You can both update your preferences once you have submitted your applications, but these must be in the same order as each other.

Follow the instructions in the Guidance on How to Apply to the Foundation Programme to link your application to another applicant.

Most UoAs honor linked applications at the program group match stage (if they use groups). Refer to local foundation school guidance to understand the process in your allocated foundation school. Using linking to be placed into the same programme as your partner is impossible.

How is my application scored?

For FP2024, main FP applications will not be scored. Refer to the UKFP applicant guides for application and allocation process details.

Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) applications will be managed by individual Specialised Units of Application (SUoAs), some of whom may allocate scores to applicants. Refer to local SUoA guidance to under their selection process.

What is the character limit for free-text fields in the application form (for example, presentation title or non-UK medical school name)?

The character count limit for most parts of the application form is 50 characters, please ensure you shorten any titles to meet the character limit.

I have a UK medical degree from a school outside of the UK, will my medical school nominate me?

If you are a UK national, your medical school will be able to nominate you. If you are a non-UK or non-EEA national, you will need to apply through the UKFPO’s eligibility process.

How do I apply for less than full time training?

You will have an opportunity to indicate that you would like to work on the less than full-time basis on your application form. Please speak to your foundation school at the earliest opportunity once you have been allocated.

How will I be allocated to a place/how does the allocation process work?

The allocation process has changed for the Foundation Programme starting in August 2024. See the Applicant Guide to UKFP 2024 Allocation on our UKFP page.

Following the national allocation process, local foundation schools manage the process of group/programme matching. Applicants should check the websites of each foundation school to familiarise themselves with local matching processes.