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How To Know When A Long Distance-Relationship Is Over

How To Know When A Long-Distance Relationship Is Over

Being in a lovely relationship is a beautiful feeling that once you are in it could be overwhelming and you wish it never comes to an end. But the bitter truth is that not all relationships are meant to last and being a long-distance relationship could turn out to be challenging and those challenges make it difficult to tell if you are still in the relationship or not. The change in conversations, the worries, and the suspicions make you wonder if the relationship is over or not. If you want to know how to identify if your long-distance relationship is over then sit tight as I will be pointing out things to pay attention to that will let you know if your long-distance relationship is over in this post.

You might be finding it difficult to reach your boyfriend or girlfriend and even when you do the conversations are not like it was before, or you fight so much since he or she went far. Do not run into a conclusion so first, there might be a good explanation for that so just relax your anxiety.

Why Do Long Distance Relationships Crumble

Long-distance relationship unlike other types of relationships requires more effort to make it work and most times you get to figure out that your plans for the future do not align. It is really heartbreaking to end a relationship with someone you love though it might be the very beginning of something better and greater for the both of you in most cases. Most people fail to understand that both partners need to invest fully into the relationship to keep a strong emotional bond regardless of not being able to see each other. And that’s why you remain in denial that your relationship is fading away right before your eyes. Thereafter, you start feeling the daily calls, suppressed jealousy, feeling sad when you see other couples together gets more and more difficult to face, or worse you feel that the efforts are no longer worth it. All these feelings have their psychological way of crumbling your long-distance relationships.

How To Tell Your long Distance Relationship Is Over

In the absence of all the physical intimacy, the variety of sex with your partner, the feeling of not being part of your partner’s day-to-day life make long-distance relationships more difficult. So here is how to tell your relationship is over;

1. Difficulty In Trusting Your Partner

Long-distance relationships can become a serious disaster if either of the partners is insecure or jealous or untrusting. They start going through their partner’s social media pages to check if their new friends are really ordinary friends and that’s a major red flag.

2. Difficult Communication

Nothing makes a long-distance relationship work better like good communication as it is the only form of connection between both partners. When your partner begins to keep your messages unread for hours and barely calls in days not to even mention FaceTime, that’s another red flag to pay attention to.

3. One-Sided Relationship

Like I said before, a long-distance relationship requires both partners to invest fully in the relationship. When it is just one person initiating the calls, texts, the way to cope with the distance and the effort being put in becomes unbalanced and resentment will grow easily.

4. Your Partner’s Friends Do Not Know You

Being part of your partner’s day-to-day life even in a long-distance relationship is a very essential part of the relationship. And if you part of his life and you are not sure that your partner’s friend knows that you exist then there is a problem. Knowing you is one thing but knowing you as a partner is important, it tells how important your partner takes you.

5. You Hardly Visit Each Other

Visiting your partner is important in a long-distance relationship but the number of times is dependent on the distance due to the expense of transportation. Once the number of times you normally see each other begins to reduce without a valuable explanation then you have your red flag.

6. Disagreement About The Future

When discussing the future with your partner, considering each other at some point your goals will diverge. Even if it means making comprises which is still part of a relationship, but if your goals do not diverge then you need to start packing. For instance, you are relocating to New York after your studies and your partner is convinced about staying settled in Seattle, that might just be the red flag you need.

7. Displeasure With Your Sex Life

Technological advancement has gone a long way to help people in long-distance relationships with many ways to have great sex. Ways like sexting, FaceTime or steamy Skype session, or using sex toys that are controlled from a distance. But if your partner is not in support of this, or you are not satisfied with it and you can not go over for sex then you are free to break free from the relationship and prioritize your desire to have a sex life you enjoy.

When you have noticed all the above red flags in your long-distance relationship then I am sorry to inform you that it is very possible that your relationship is over and you should possibly be moving on.

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