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15 Best Aliexpress Alternatives – Website Like Aliexpress

When it comes to shopping online, the very first site that pops in your mind is Aliexpress. Why? Because it’s one of the biggest B2B e-commerce websites that offers amazing products, deals and services at much lower prices than other sites.

Due to it cons, drop shipper are trying out other site to boost up their profit in business. Without going back, we have listed 15 best suited Aliexpress alternative in this article where you will find millions of products for your convenience.


Alibaba was created in 1999 and its the world largest B2B online shopping store which offers products of all categories at a low price; electronic, games and toys, clothing and accessories, home and garden, lighting and even cars.

It has hundreds of millions of users. Manufacturer, supplier, exporter and retailer comes to the site to retail or wholesale, buy or sell


Founded in 2002. it works on the same principles as ebay with more than 500 million users.

There are only four (4) categories; beauty, electronic, home and baby with two new friendly features/interface to improve the user experience. Wish offer fast delivery.


Offers a very wide range of products (200,000 references) of very varied categories.It partculaly offers a standard delivery rate, atbni addition cost for shipment to most countries in the world.


Also relies on a varied categories of amazing products at low price. This category is mainly focused on multimedia field; phones, cameras, computers and accessories and so on. More than 5,000 Chinese brands appears on this e-commerce website which many are famos around the world.


DHgate encourages wholesale buying with its low prices with more than 1.2 million sellers are listed there. The DHgate catalogs are therefore very large and very eclectic. There are more than 30 million products there, including clothing, accessories, connected objects, sports or leisure accessories …

Discount coupons and flash sales are regularly offered by the site in order to further reduce the already competitive price.


Tinydeal offer such a large and diverse catalog as AliExpress or Amazon, although the choice remains very wide (around 3000 new products are added each month on the site). Tinydeal also charges very low prices.


Lightinthebox has different international e-commerce websites. Lightinthebox.com is its main interface. The products that are offered there revolve around the areas of clothing (mainly women’s outfits, dresses and wedding outfits), home and garden as well as electronics.

The Miniinthebox.com site is mainly specialized in electronic gadgets and trendy connected objects. Lightinthebox is also a site that focuses on quality products at very low prices. The catalog is very varied and very regularly updated with Online product daily.


This is an ecommerce website that was found in Utah in the year 1999. This is also a website where you will be able to get very varied unique and amazing products at an affordable price. The website is overall not that big but it is good for business owner like individuals.


Walmart is one the online stores that display amazing product in several categories daily at much low price with a special discount ready for you when make use of their physical store  in different places around the world.

Walmart offers millions of products including everyday items. Plus it’s friendly and easy to use interface to search for product on the website too.


also known as DX with millions of users in different countries and  is one of China’s online marketplace and its operation is just like that of Aliexpress, where you can get an attractive deals/product at wholesale price (cheap) and have them delivered to your doorstep.

DealExtreme boasts of providing over 320,000 products online with one of the best users support and warranty services.


TomTop is another B2B e-commerce website that is gaining popularity day by day. As a new customer/users, you will be gifted 200 free points and coupons to purchase products on a cheaper prices. Registration on the platform is quite easy and simple.

Another impressive thing about this site is their guarantee and return policies are very strong.

12. EBAY

It is all know that ebay ranks as one of the best e-commerce website in the world. It has the best interface design which allows you to write review of the product bought which can help other buyers to get more info about it.

Ebay got you covered with their buyers protection it your products get lost of damaged on the way. And for payment, you can make your payment via PayPal. Visit ebay for offers and deals that aliexpress offers.


Judging with the name “newegg” your thoughts goes to farming e-commerce. No, this platform offers top amazing products in several categories, ranging from software and phone , health, sports, computer systems, electronics, apparels and more.

Shipping is also a bit faster too on this website.


Just as it’s name, mininthebox is one of the best aliexpress alternative you should probably visit now  that offers small-sized electronics with factory-direct prices; cell phones, LED and lighting, and others like men’s clothing, jewelry, pets, toys and other amazing categories of items.

MiniInTheBox has something many similar website don’t offer which is a 30-day money back guarantee. Fast shipping services, and they have local warehouses scattered across North America and Europe.


GeekBuying is an online maketplace (Chuna-based) that was created by some tech enthusiasts primarily for product like tech and accessories which is growing fast.

Besides the tech products offered, it also offers other products like bags, sports, home, Outdoor, shoe, garden and others to mention but few. The website has a user-friendly interface and provides free shipping of products for buyers that are not far to their warehouses in US, Hong Kong, Europe and mainland in China.

Which one would you like to use to scale up your business?


Kristen is a mother, survivor, and a passionate lover of innovations and smart living. She is the editor-in-chief at earlyfinder.com. Let's get in touch, I'm open to collaboration.

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