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How to bypass PayPal phone verification

PayPal, an offspring of the auction website eBay has grown to become a leading name in the money market. The company has become infamous for creating and developing a safe place to send money, receive money and make payments online without going through the rigors of credit card usage. Due to the nature of transactions carried out and the delicacy and utmost discretion required in matters concerning funds, PayPal may sometimes request verification through a person’s mobile phone as an extra security measure.

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What’s the essence of the Phone verification process?

Your PayPal account may ask for verification through your mobile phone, for a number of reasons like;

– You haven’t been logged into that account for a while: In a situation where a person has not made use of their PayPal account for a considerably long period of time, it is assumed that to some extent, said account is slightly dormant and may require ‘re-registration’ to ensure authenticity of the login attempt. It is a simple and smart security measure to protect the user from hacking attempts and secure their funds or transactions from fraudsters.

– If you are trying to gain access into the account from a different device: According to the way a lot of algorithms function, login attempts into an account, from a foreign device is usually flagged as security breach attempts. PayPal’s phone verification is a method of checking these attempts to ensure that the attempt was made legally.

– When attempting to log into the account from a different geographical location, previously not used: Almost same as the situation with a new device, a change in location would most likely indicate some form of security breach and necessitate the phone verification process.

– When the attempted financial transaction is of special importance: For unique transactions such as transfer and receipt of huge amounts of money, investment of significant funds; PayPal would ask that you verify that the account is truly yours and it is truly you trying authorizing the transaction.

Other means of bypassing PayPal phone verification

Before we proceed, it is important to note that in some peculiar cases, some of these methods are not sure fire and therefore may not produce the desired results. This is just an attempt to try various approaches to see which key opens the door. Without further ado, here are some of the ways to go around the PayPal phone verification yet comfortably access and make use of your account;

  1. One way to avoid going through with the phone authentication process is to clear your browser history: Clearing your browsing history, phone cache and all other links to your search history on PayPal login details, then starting afresh to input login details and gain access to your account, is one option to consider when trying to bypass phone verification process.

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  1. There’s also the option of using an incognito browser: The beauty of incognito mode is that it allows the user mask identification details such as one’s IP browser, leading the computer system to the impression that a different user has taken over use of the browser at that particular time. It enables you “hide” to login to your account and carry on with your transactions as you would normally have, bypassing the phone verification process.
  2. You could also download the PayPal app and try logging in with your details: To do this is basically as easy as installing/downloading any other regular PlayStore verified app. You can access your PayPal account without phone verification, in three easy steps.

* Go to Google Playstore App on your device.

* Proceed to download the PayPal application on same device.

* Input your login details as you would normally do.

There you have it! Access to your account once again!

  1. One other approach to try is logging in with a different device: Granted, this may just lead you back to the phone verification process you were running away from in the first place. However, it is worth giving it a shot, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? So, if all previous methods still do not yield results, you could try gaining access into your account by logging in with a different device.
  2. When all else fails, call PayPal!: If all the above methods do not work, you could call PayPal’s helpline and, wait for it…lie! Tell them that you misplaced your phone or it gor stolen and you suspect that someone somewhere has it in their custody, is actively trying to gain access into your account and that you need it to be stopped before your funds and transactions are compromised. You could say something along the lines of;

“Good day! My name is Howard and I am calling because I can no longer login into my account as it keeps requesting phone authentication. This is probably due to the fact that I lost my phone and my contact number about two months ago and I believe an imposter is trying to gain access into my account, using my number. Please is there any way you assist me in avoiding that problem?”

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This idea may not exactly be ‘moral’ or ‘religious’, but it could give you the outcome you desire. Now, bear in mind that you may likely need to have a phone number readily available because the customer service team would ask some questions to authenticate your claims to the account. They would ask questions like; what your username is, what your birth date is, what the password to your account is, what your mother’s maiden name is, and other security questions of that kind. Your chances of getting back your account are tied to your ability to have all these information handy. Provided your details are accurate, they can give you temporary access to your account, allowing you to change your number before they close the account once more (which they most likely will do).

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