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3 Ways To Change Minecraft Server Version

How To Change Minecraft Server Version: This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to change the version of your Minecraft server. It will cover the different methods for updating the server, such as using the server’s control panel, downloading the latest version of the server software, or using a plugin. It will also provide tips on ensuring that the server is running the latest version of the game.early finder

The gaming world, to most people, is an easy way to interact with society and have fun while doing it. Minecraft Server Version being a multiplayer game server, is no different as you interact with other amazing plays and play great games with them. And the fun part is that you can own one, which means you can connect to as many people as possible. If you already have Minecraft Server and you wish to change the version, that is simple to achieve. So, today I will show you how to change your Minecraft Server Version.

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Nature of Minecraft Servers

Based on the adjustable nature of Minecraft servers, one is certain to face the responsibility of changing its version either to downgrade or upgrade, which applies to any modded server. But before I move down to showing how to change your server version first, I need to make you understand what determines your server version. Each server operates on a jar file, the primary system file that comprises all crucial elements to make the server work. Each jar file can be categorized by its version, i.e., 1.9, 2.0,2.1, etc.Change Minecraft Server Version

Also, you must realize that the version you wish to change can break or make the server. But you still have to decide what version to change to, and if you are done doing so, we can continue. There are two ways to change your Minecraft server version: Jar dropdown or FTP.

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1. Changing Minecraft Server Version Via JAR Dropdown

To successfully change your Minecraft server version, you can follow these few steps;

  1. Choose the respective server you wish to change and move to its details page.
  2. On the details page, you will find a value labeled JAR and a dropdown with it containing a list of predefined jars for quick updating/installation.
  3. Tap on the version you plan to update and tap the save button.
  4. Restart the server and let it boot up the new version you tapped.

TIP:  If you intend to update a mod pack this way, you will need to delete the jar files first so that the panel recognizes that it needs to regenerate it with the latest version rather than use the former one.

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2. Changing Minecraft Server Version Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Changing your Minecraft Server Version via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) can be done using these few steps;

  1. Connect to your server FTP using the same password you use to log into the server control panel. NOTE: I recommend you use FileZilla, a simple-to-use FTP Client. Try not to download the server edition but rather download the client version.
  2. After you have successfully logged into your hosting FTP server, you can now download the .jar file that you prefer from any reserve that will be on the server here.
  3. When you must have done that, you will see files and folders inside the FTP browser. You will see a /jar folder on the root of the file server, and if you can not find one, create it yourself. This is where you will upload the .jar file you plan to change.

So if you follow either of the above-listed methods and their steps, you are comfortable changing your Minecraft server version at your convenience and continue enjoying your gaming experience.

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3. How To Update A Minecraft Server

If you intend to update your Minecraft server, you are not excluded from this article. If Minecraft releases an update, you must update your server before a player with a new version can connect to your server. To avoid such inconvenience, here are the steps to update your Minecraft server;

  • Open your Minecraft Server folder containing all of your server’s files.

  • Create backups of your essential configuration files by making copies of them (i.e., banned-ips.txt, banned-players.txt, ops.txt, server. properties) into a different location to restore them when you are done updating the server.

  • Also, copy your “world” folder and paste it where your backed-up configuration files are so you can restore it after the update to access your saved world.

How To Change Minecraft Server Version

  • Now copy your start script of the batch file out and delete everything remaining in the folder.
  • After deleting everything, you can now download the new server file from Minecraft.net.

How To Change Minecraft Server Version

  • After downloading the new update, copy the new server file into your Minecraft Server folder and rename the server file. For instance, minecraft_server.1.8.exe should be renamed to minecraft_server.exe

  • Run the server file when you are done renaming so that it can create all the files it needs; when it is done creating, shut down the server.

  • You can restore the backup you stored securely in the Minecraft server folder, open the .eula.txt file, save it, and exit it. You can now start your updated server.

How To Change Minecraft Server Version

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