How To Insulate A Smoker

How To Insulate A Smoker: Do you spend hours smoking your meal only to see the meal still not properly cooked? This is often caused by your inability to maintain the temperature inside the smoker, and it is more difficult to do that during the winter seasons. The best way to maintain and control a steady temperature in your smoker to cook your meal properly is to insulate your smoker, and that brings the question, “How do you insulate your smoker?” well, you would not be disappointed that you stopped by today as I will be telling you how to insulate your smoker.early finder

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What Does It Mean To Insulate Your Smoker

When I talk about insulating your smoker, it means keeping the smoke and heat in your smoker where it belongs. By doing so, the smoke and heat remain focused on the meal, and the guarantee of your meal getting cooked properly becomes likely. The lovely flavor of a smoked meal depends on the perfect degree of smoke and temperature, and if your heat and smoke keep escaping, your meal can be left half-cooked and might lack the flavor you so desperately desire.

There is numerous reason for the escape of heat and smoke. In the winter, the cold temperature cools your smoker and decreases the smoke in your smoker. You can not afford to be limited to smoking your meals only in the summer, so what best to do than to insulate your smoker to avoid the stress of heat and smoke loss?

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Ways/How To Insulate Your Smoker

Selecting the favorable way to insulate your smoker is essential to retain your heat and smoke where required. Other than retaining the heat and smoke, insulating your smoker also helps in conserving fuel and further helps to save you money in the long run. To insulate a smoker, I believe you must first have one; there are many in the stores. Having established that, below are different options, you can pick from to insulate your smoker at your convenience.Insulate A Smoker

  • Insulation Jacket

One of the most favorable options for vertical smokers is an insulation jacket with aluminum foil insulation inside. This feature makes it one of the most significant ways to insulate your smoker. Conveniently enough, smoker manufacturers now produce insulation jackets for their smokers, so finding the right fit for your smoker shouldn’t be much of a problem. And while insulating your smoker, you mustn’t cover the firebox of your smoker cause it will burn and damage the insulation jacket.

  • Insulation Blanket

Insulation blankets differ from insulation jackets due to the positioning of the aluminum layer, making it one of the common ways to insulate a smoker. Unlike the insulation jacket with its aluminum layer on the outside, the insulation blanket has its inside. But when it comes to their insulation effect, the difference between them is not significant. The choice preference comes when settling on the one that fits your smoker cause of the blanket. You don’t have to find the one that fits your smoker. Rather, you must wrap it around your smoker as much as you want to provide a comfortable fit. And also to forget to evade wrapping it around the firebox.

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  • Welding Blanket

Welding blankets are originally manufactured to protect welders from heat and spark while welding. Still, if you already have the blanket, it can come in handy to insulate your smoker, as the welding blanket is fireproof, and you would not have to purchase either the installation jacket or blanket again. Also, you do not find a perfect fit as you can wrap it around your smoker, and do not forget that you do not have to cover the firebox unless you are ready to damage your welding blanket.

  • Cement Boards

This is a blend of strengthened fiber and cement designed into sheets, and they come in different thicknesses and are sometimes used as tile backing boards. Cement boards augment impact resistance influence and additional strength to the wall surface that they are placed against. It is also fire resistant, making insulating your smoker’s firebox a reasonable option.

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How to Insulate Your Smoker Firebox

I have been asking you to avoid covering your smoker firebox. You might probably be wondering what will happen to the firebox or if the firebox can not be insulated too. Well, you can insulate your firebox, and these are the steps to do so;

  1. Make sure there is no fuel burning in your firebox
  2. Make use of a measuring tape to measure the inner walls of the firebox
  3. According to the measurement you have taken, cut a piece of cement board
  4. After cutting the cement board according to the size of the walls of your firebox, fit the cement board cutouts inside the firebox, and you are done.

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