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How to Give Terraria More Memory

How to Give Terraria More Memory: Learn how to give Terraria more memory and improve your gaming experience. This guide will show you how to increase the amount of RAM allocated to Terraria and adjust the game‘s settings to make the most of the extra memory. With these tips, you‘ll be able to enjoy Terraria with improved performance and fewer crashes.early finder

For my fellow game lovers, Terraria is a beautiful game of adventure. Terraria have been able to stand out because of its numerous weapons, calamities, and challenges, say, the game has been able to make a lot of people happy, but there is a major issue of crashing and interruptions that always make the game a little bit frustrating, and this is largely due to memory deficiency. I am going to drop different approaches to solve the memory problem. The first method is a step-by-step way to help solve the issue and prevent your game from crashing.

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Through Task Manager

The first thing to do is to launch the game and go to the task manager. This will lead you to an app to search for the game’s name. When you see the game, you will use your right-click button to open it and select the goto details from the provided menu. This would display the detail tab of the app. At this point, you only need to select the game’s name, and a new menu will pop up. You would then select a set priority from the displayed menu, and a submenu would reappear. You would pick the high option from the displayed sub-menu. These steps can go a long way to solve your memory problems and prevent your game from interrupting or crashing.Give Terraria More Memory

When you don’t manage your system well, it leads to frequent crashes, making the game frustrating and uninteresting. Understanding the memories and what to do with them is important.

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Increase from 32bit-64bit

However, if the first method doesn’t work, you can try another way by increasing the memory. It involves increasing the bit version of the game.

Normally, the game doesn’t require much memory; it is a 2D sandbox game similar to the old platformers games in the ‘90s. Even when you have a lot of things going on simultaneously, a big base with badass ammunition, fighting off an attack with friends, and doing other things, it should still run on almost any memory. Still, with many mods installed to add more quality to your experience, the game might require more memory to continue running. The game can easily crash when running on too many mods.

With mods like Dragon ball terraria and Legend of Zelda, to mention a few, your game can easily crash. The designer didn’t make the game run on too many mods; that’s why your game can crash between adventures. Hence, the reason for more RAM allocation. Unlike many games, the memory allocation in terraria is not as straightforward. This article would help us understand the importance of allocating memories to terraria and how to go about it.

The game has a mod manager that can make things much easier for you. A tModLoader can be downloaded from the game’s Steam store. If you have Terraria on Steam, you can download the tModLoader for free. After that, there is still a 64-bit mod you would need to download to run along with the tModLoader.

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How do we make the game use more RAM?

Terraria has a memory that would max out at 4GB; the implication of this is that the game would crash if you exceed the 4GB original memory unless you increase it. It should be noted that this game is a 32-bit game, which is why the memory is at 4GB; hence, your first line of action to increase the memory is by increasing it to a 64-bit game version. This would allow you to use all the mods you want on the game without running a crash risk.

The simple way to do this involves adding some installations and folder creation to your Terraria folder. You would go to the forum page and download a 64-bit tModLoader. Select the version that’s appropriate for your Terraria game and install it. You would have to unzip the file and select a destination to put the folder.

After doing that, you can look through your installed Steam folder in your tModLoader. If you are finding it difficult to find, you should right-click on the tModLoader in your Steam library, then select manage and choose browse local files. This will take you to your tModLoader folder. Once you’ve done this, move all the files on the unzipped file of 64-but tModLoader you downloaded, and paste them inside. It will bring some options for you, choose to replace all files, then finish the copying.

After that, you can test if it works by opening the tModLoader and launching the Terraria from there. This would lead you to a command prompt, and you must wait for everything to load. Once this is successful, the game would come up and start running your mis; at the left Conner of the game, you would see that it is running on 64-bit.

As I said earlier, increasing it from 32 to 64-bit is just the basis to add as much memory as possible. This would also allow you to run as many modes as possible without a game crash. The game is a lot more interesting with the addition of mods, especially if you’ve finished the standard version. With the numerous mods being created daily, the best way to enjoy the game is to add more memory. Another benefit is that you could host the server with your friends. The added memory would allow you to do that, so it is essential to change your Terraria to a 64-bit version. You must constantly check for updates on the tModLoader if the game is ever updated. This will help to prevent crash issues on the tModLoader.

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Low memory is the major problem of this game, and if you love to play it, it is only right you increase your memory. Try to manage the soft well of the game and use a device that is compatible with the game. Try not to panic; follow the instructions, and the game experience will be alright.

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