How to add items to a board on SHIEN

How to Add Items to a Board on SHIEN

How to Add Items to a Board on SHIEN – Do you have a habit of going through online stores or catalogues, looking at beautiful products you like and would like to purchase someday, and end up not buying anything? If it’s happened to you before, don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.early finder

If you are the type who thinks about buying something later and then moving on to lose sight of it, SHIEN’s board was created to help you remember products you liked and would love to buy. Additionally, it’s also a great way to tell and show your friends and loved ones the type of gift items you’d like to receive instead getting items you don’t like or need.

Don’t know how to add items to your SHIEN’s board? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll learn how to add items to a board on SHIEN.

But before that, what is SHIEN? To find out, continue reading.

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What is SHIEN?

SHIEN, one of the most well-known online fashion and sports retailers, was founded in 2008. As of May 2021, the SHIEN app was the most downloaded shopping app in the United States.Add Items to a Board on SHIEN

SHIEN is an international B2C fast fashion company. The company’s primary focus is on women’s clothing.

However, it sells clothing for men and children, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. Customers of SHIEN come from Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

It has maintained the belief that everyone can appreciate the best aspects of the style.

Now you know what SHIEN is, live dive straight into how to add items to a board.

How to add items to a board on SHIEN

SHIEN allows its users to create new boards or subsists to name whatever they want. This way, it becomes possible to group items they like by type, event, or anything they’d like.

To make a new list, go to “Boards” and then “Create new board” or click on “Select,” choose the items you want to add to the new list, click on “Add to board,” create the new list, and add the products.

All of the boards you have created will be listed in the “Board” section.

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How many boards can you create on SHIEN?

The lists and the number of items we can add are endless, so you can organize your items however you like.

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How to share your boards with your friends

Wish lists are a great way to tell your friends what they should consider when giving you a gift, in addition to helping you organize and keep track of the items you want to buy.

To share your board, create one using the method shown in this guide (i.e., if you haven’t created one already). Go to “Boards” and click the share button to select which social network to use. If you want to copy the URL, click Share on a Social Network, then copy the URL that appears and paste it into your browser.

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