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How To Get Contrary Snivy

How To Get Contrary Snivy: Contrary Snivy is a rare Pokémon that can be found in the Unova region. It has an unusual ability allows it to reverse the effects of any stataltering move used on it. To get a Contrary Snivy, you must first find a wild Snivy in the Unova region. Then, use a special item called the Everstone on the Snivy. This will cause the Snivy to become a Contrary Snivy. Be aware that this is a very rare occurrence and may take several attempts before you are successful.early finder

Contrary Snivy is a very useful special attack in the Pokemon world, and many people can’t wait to get their hands on it. And I am sure that you, too, will definitely want to get one for yourself. I guess you have searched for it for a while now, but search no more, as I will let you know how to get Contrary Snivy today.

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What Really Is Snivy?

Ever heard of the phrase “green snake in the green grass”? It is believed that the idea of the Snivy character in Pokemon Go is gotten from this phrase. The word ‘Snivy’ is gotten from combining two words, ‘snake’ and ‘ivy.’ Snivy is a green-colored reptile in the Grass-type starter Pokemon of the Unova region. It is also colored with a yellow mark around its big eyes and yellow stripes around its tail and back. Its feet have no toes, while its tail is designed as three palm leaves joined together.Get Contrary Snivy

The tail is actually a very important part of Snivy as it aids in making Snivy move faster; also, using the tail, we can detect when Snivy is sick or strong. Snivy is the first of a family of three; as the game is being played, he grows to become another character named Servine and Serperior. Snivy is defenseless regarding poison, bug, fire, fly, and ice moves. In the next paragraph, I will give a little insight on how to get contrary for Snivy, but you can only know this if you keep reading.

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How To Get Contrary Snivy

Snivy superpower comes from the Contrary and the Leaf Storm move; both work together to give Snivy a 130-base power move and enable a +2 boost to its Special Attack. The contrary also empowers Snivy with a +1 boost for speed whenever the entry hazard is up. If the Snivy character is male, you can get contrary by simply breeding Snivy with Ditto. However, if the Snivy character is female, you must pair her with anything in her egg group. But many people then resolved to the illegal way to get the Contrary Snivy. They then illegally hack the system to get the Contrary Snivy, but others use the Japanese Contrary Snivy due to the difficulty in getting it.

But there is an earlier way to get it now; you start by loading the game and selecting’ Mystery Gift from the main menu. Now click ‘Receive gift’ followed by ‘Get with code.’ Input the code ‘POKEMON497’ in the space provided and load your save game.

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Snivy Moves

I will tell you most of the moves in Snivy to make you understand and enjoy the game more. So below the move, you can find it in Snivy.

  • Leaf Storm: This attack strikes anything that can’t withstand it head-on and increases Snivy’s Special Attack.
  • Defog: It lets Snivy assist its teammates by clearing entry hazards.
  • Glare: The move paralyzes switch-in to Snivy, slows them down, and makes them easy to handle by Snivy or a teammate.
  • Knock Off: This move disables/weaken defensive switch-ins to make them easier to break through. This move is an alternative to the Glare move.
  • Synthesis: This move gives a form of recovery that boosts Eviolite Snivy’s longevity.
  • Hidden Power Ground: This move is the most effective move that comes in handy for hitting steel-, Poison-, and fire types.
  • Hidden Power Ice: This move is powerful enough to let Snivy take down Foongus and Vullaby.
  • Hidden Power Fire: This move has a limited speed of 16 Speed due to the needed Speed IV drop, but it also lets Snivy hit Grass- and Steel-types.

There are a lot of other moves, but these basic moves will get you going with much ease so that you can enjoy the game more.

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As you play the game please know that Snivy set functions best on teams that require more defensive utility from a Grass-type but don’t wish to forfeit momentum. Fire-type checks like Chinchou and Ponyta are valuable to Snivy. Flying-type checks like Onix, Omanyte, Tirtouga, and Chinchou are also crucial to Snivy. Mudbray and Dwebble are entry hazard support that aids the breaking down of opposing teams. Pokemon that require entry hazard as Stealth Rock cleared, Pokemons like Doduo and Vullaby works better as a teammate with Snivy.

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