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12 Ways To Tell If A First Date Went Well

How To Tell If A First Date Went Well

You must have met them at work, at a party, or even online and you asked them on a date or they did ask you, and somehow you ended up on a first date. It’s normal to feel anxious and nervous on the first date, especially when you really like your date partner, but first dates are important in determining if the relationship moves forward or not.

After the date, when you’re back home and you’re sure that you’re interested in a relationship with that person, determining how much that person is interested in you might be a little difficult. So you start replaying every detail in your mind, trying to figure out if the first date went well or otherwise. And then the question, ‘How do you know if the first date went well?’ comes up. The following are several ways to determine if your first date went well.

1. Body Language

Your date’s body language says a lot about how they feel. Making physical contact, like leaning and inching closer, knees touching under the table, hands reaching out, mirroring each other’s movement shows that they are attracted to you and if during the date, they don’t have a problem making eye contact with you, it’s a good sign and it means they feel comfortable around you.

If your date is anxious and nervous, shies away from physical contact, looks elsewhere or towards the door, and is easily distracted, then it’s a not-good sign.

2. Good Conversation

A conversation should be two-sided but we all have spoken to someone who keeps talking about themselves barely letting you get a word in about yourself. Wanting to know more about you, asking you questions and great attentiveness are signs that they are pretty interested in you.

In a successful date, there should be equal participation in the conversation. And you get bonus points if they share a funny and embarrassing situation or fact about themselves.

3. Flirting With Each Other

This includes the shirt or hair compliments, the big smiles thrown your way, or the occasional flirtatious comments. If you both flirted with each other, you can be pretty certain your date went well.

If you both had a lot of fun and you found each other’s jokes funny, there’s definitely something there. People who have same sense of humor are great romantic matches according to certain research and studies.

4. Signs of Great Chemistry

Great chemistry is not forced, it comes naturally. It’s when the atmosphere feels great and you both get on pretty well. When they say something and you’re like, ‘Oh My God, that’s exactly what I wanted to say’. Sometimes, the chemistry is so good, it feels like you’ve known them all your life.

5. Share Same Values

At times, the conversation gets deep and you start talking about your future and your aspirations. If you discover that you relate to each other and you have a lot in common, the success of the date is undeniable. The same applies when you find out that you are a lot interested in each other’s differences.

6. Stayed Longer Than Expected

They ordered for an extra drink or agreed to go somewhere else that wasn’t planned beforehand, this shows that they don’t want to leave yet but they want to spend more time with you. So your date probably enjoyed your company very much if you stay longer than planned.

7. Walked You Out To Your Car

Whether it’s to your Uber or taxi, your car, or your train, if your date walks you there, it’s probably because they don’t wish to leave you yet. They may even linger for a while after you’ve arrived at that next destination. It’s obvious they want to stay with you rather than go their way.

8. Goodbye Kiss/Hug

It’s one of the best ways of knowing how well your first date went. Either you initiated the kiss or hug first and they reciprocated it or they did, it is a good indicator that they really like you and may be interested in a second date.

9. Follow-Up Text Or Call

Hours after the date or maybe even the next day, did you receive a call or text from your date? If you did, it’s clear that they are definitely thinking about you. Getting followed by your date on social media also counts in this case. If your date didn’t go well, it’s more likely they would’ve gotten rid of your number. They definitely won’t call you in this case.

10. Asking Directly

For those that like being direct and straightforward, you can always ask your date how they felt about the first date. You can go with more subtle ways of asking like, ‘did you have fun last night?’ or ‘how was yesterday?’.

11. Instinct

Some people are not good at showing and expressing their feelings, so their body language might suggest they are not interested in you or that they didn’t enjoy the date but they are actually feeling the exact opposite. That’s why sometimes it’s good to follow your instincts and gut. Sometimes there’s a spark there, something you can feel but can’t explain.

12. Acceptance Of Second Date Offer

The best way to be completely sure your first date went well is to suggest a second date. If they don’t make an excuse about how busy they are or write you off but actually agree to having a second date, that means the first date was pretty good. How could one possibly agree to a second date if the first one was not great?

What to do after first date

If your first date went pretty well, that’s great and fabulous because you can take the relationship to the next level and go on to a second date and then third and so on – if you want. How soon after a first date should you follow up? The answer is – as soon as you want. You can aim for at least one day after and it’s even better if the date is somewhere you both talked about on your first date.

But if the first date didn’t go really well as you would’ve wished, then no worries as you can always move on and date other people until you find the love of your life.

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