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How to View Likes on Instagram

Learn how to view likes on Instagram! This simple guide will help you find out who has liked your posts, understand the new Instagram algorithm, and stay uptodate with your followers.

In recent years, Instagram has made changes to how users view the number of likes on posts. The platform’s founders made the decision to publicly hide the number of likes to promote a positive and content-focused community experience. However, the like count is still available to the individual who posted the content.Early Finder

In 2022, Instagram gave users the option to choose whether to keep their like counts public or switch them to private.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of viewing likes on Instagram, whether you prefer to keep your likes public or switch them to private.

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What is changing with Instagram likes?

Are you curious about the changes to the display of likes on Instagram posts? The social media platform has decided to no longer show the number of likes generated by posts publicly unless the user opts to make the like count visible.View Likes on Instagram

This move is part of Instagram’s effort to create a content-focused community where users can concentrate on what they share, rather than the number of likes they receive. The like count will only be accessible to the person who posted the content.

Over the years, the evolution of likes on Instagram has undergone transformations, making it challenging for some to keep up.

In 2019, the app conducted a trial of hiding likes entirely for users in selected countries. Before this change, likes were displayed on posts simply by viewing them in the feed. The hiding of likes was intended to promote a positive community atmosphere.

In 2021, the display of likes was altered and appeared beneath the caption as “Liked by username and others.” Hiding the public display of likes made it more challenging for users to track the performance of competitors’ content.

In 2022, Instagram announced the option for users to choose to hide or unhide likes on the platform. Now, users have the flexibility to keep their like counts public or private.

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Why did Instagram decide to hide likes?

Instagram recently made a change to hide post likes publicly with the aim of creating a more positive online environment.

According to the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, this change was made to reduce pressure and competition on the platform and allow users to focus on sharing quality content. The update also aimed to improve the mental health of users, as receiving low likes on posts has been linked to anxiety, particularly among younger users.

After testing the impact of hiding likes for two years, Instagram found that it did not have the desired outcome and decided to give users the option to choose whether to hide likes or not in 2022.

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Is the like count hidden on all Instagram posts?

The answer to the question “Will all like counts on Instagram be hidden?” is no, not all like counts will be hidden.

Initially, when Instagram updated its features to hide likes, creators, and influencers expressed concern that the removal of the like count metric would negatively affect their engagement rate and value to brand partners.

As Instagram photos play a significant role in creating engaging content on the platform, Instagram has responded by providing users with more options.

This feature is being rolled out globally and users can choose to either publicly hide or display likes on their posts through their advanced settings in the Instagram app. Simply access the settings and opt for either publicly displaying or hiding likes when publishing content.

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What does Instagram look like with hidden likes?

The heart button on Instagram is now different. Instead of seeing the number of likes beneath a post, you will see one Instagram user who liked it followed by “and others”.

However, if you want to show your like count to the online community, you still have the option to do so by selecting to unhide the number of likes on your post in your advanced settings.

The way the number of likes is displayed on the Instagram app depends on the following measurements:

  • Below 100 likes: shown as “others”
  • Below 1,000 likes: shown as “hundreds of others”
  • Below 100,000 likes: shown as “thousands of others”
  • Below 1,000,000 likes: displayed as “hundreds of thousands of others”.

How do I hide likes on Instagram?

The hide-like feature on Instagram gives users the control to decide whether to show or hide the number of likes on their posts. This new feature allows for a more personal experience on the platform.

You can choose to view like counts on other people’s posts and hide like counts on your own posts. This option is rolling out globally across Instagram and Facebook in 2022.

The goal is to create a positive experience and give users more control over their platform use.

Even if a user chooses to hide their like count, the likes themselves are not deleted and can still be viewed by clicking on “and others.” The like count will not be displayed on your feed if you have chosen to hide likes, but you can still see who liked your posts by clicking on “and others.”

If you choose to, you can also manually count the number of likes on a post.

How do I hide likes on my post that is already published?

How to hide likes and video views on new Instagram posts

  • Go to the post you want to hide likes on.
  • Tap the three dots on the top right corner of the post.
  • Select “Hide Like Count.”

That’s it! Instead of displaying the like count, it will now say “Liked by [x] and others.”

How do I turn off likes before publishing my post?

  • Access your Instagram profile.
  • Go to the menu in the top right and select Settings.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Pick Posts.
  • Toggle the switch next to Hide Likes and View Counts to turn it on. With this setting, you won’t see like counts when browsing your Instagram feed.

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How do I see likes on Instagram again?

If you prefer to show your likes on Instagram, don’t worry, you can still do that.

Despite the changes to the Instagram app, the platform is focused on bringing back the joy of sharing and removing the negativity of competition and judgment. Even if other users choose to hide their likes, you can still view the like count by clicking on “and others” on a particular post.

Instagram is revamping the way likes are displayed to restore the fun of posting for those who were impacted negatively by the public display of engagement numbers.

You can still access your likes, simply go to your Instagram insights.



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