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AliExpress Return Policy; What Buyers Need To Know And How To Return On Aliexpress

The New AliExpress return policy is on its way to replacing the old one!

They have comprehensively updated their free return policy. This allows consumers from eight different countries to eligibly return products to Aliexpress warehouses in the various countries for free within 15days after the product had been finally delivered to the consumers. Eight countries are France, Germany, Russia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia.


AliExpress Free Retrn Service

AliExpress ‘Free Return’ service give you extra 15 days (validation of the on-time delivery date) to decide if you would like to keep or return the products for any reason. No extra charges on top.

It will be clearly marked on the product details on the page. With the agreement between Aliexpress and the seller of such Participant Products in the Free Return policy, the seller shall provide all buyers of Participating Products with a guarantee of 15-day return without cause in accordance with these terms and conditions apply.

What should you know as a buyer ‘Buyer rules’ on Aliexpress

Buyers who can get satisfied with the certain requirements for the participating buyers as determined by AliExpress at its sole discretion would be entitled to return/deliver the Participating Products to the free return warehouse specified by the Participating Seller at a Free Delivery Service. The Participating Buyer should acknowledge that he or she will only be entitled to enjoy the Free Delivery Service once for each order containing Participating Product(s).  However, buyers that don’t use the Free Return Service are automatically excluded from the Free Delivery Service.


Buyer can apply for a return and refund ‘money’ of a Product without cause of alarm within 15 days from; the date when the buyer payment was confirmed of the Product/items, or  the date when the system automatically confirms payment receipt of the Product/goods after confirming that the Product has been fina delivered, through “open a Dispute” on the AliExpress order page


After the Product/item has been successfully shipped to the Return Warehouse and confirmed by the Warehouse  to meet the standards of intactness. According to the rules,  Buyer may receive the refund from the corresponding Seller of the item or product.


If the Product bought is returned by the buyer and does not meet the standards of intactness as bought, free Return Warehouse will ship back the items/products back to the buyer, with an extra cost for delivery. Where the buyer shall arrange for shipment of the product by himself or herself and fill in the form (shipment tracking number) at the page on AliExpress.


Another thing with the Free Return Serviced is that, if the buyer does not deliver the returning Product within 7 days after the  submission of the  shipment tracking number. AliExpress shall be entitled to determine liability upon arbitration according tio the AliExpress rules and protocols.


How do you enjoy the Free Return Service or either, How do you return product to Aliexpress and it’s get accepted?

Below are the requirements you must consider as a buyer to return products/items to Aliexpress seller;

  1. The Product should remain in its original form and functioning. The buyer shall ensure that the returned Product and all its accessories (such as manuals, tags, and warranty cards) are complete and remaining in its original functioning, and show no signs of damage or contamination of scratch or stain of dirt, and there are no traces of usage on the appearance which indicate unreasonable personal use of it.


  1. The buyer’s opening of package (product) for confirmation and testing is reasonable and while doing this, he or she must not tamper with the Product’s intactness and make sure it is full and intact. Where the package (products) does not contain any special value added parts.


  1. Damage or Loss of gift included along with the products and loss of receipt shall not affect the Free return of Products. However, for damages or loses of the gift will attract a deduction based on the gift’s price in the market (actual price of the gift if sold alone) and a correspondeing tax will be issued to the buyer for the loss of the invoice (receipt),


  1. Under any of the following circumstances stated below, the Seller of the products you bought will not obliged in the Free Return Services or offer refund;


(1) if Fraud is being noticed from the buyer; strikes, theft, terrorist events, roits, wars, military actions, robbery;

(2)  Violation of the instructions by the buyer

(3) Natural wear and tear of the product;

(4) External causes during transportation or storage;


Under the Free Return Service, the Seller will not be responsible for losses and costs of the following products by Aliexpress rules, and the following will not be obligated for  the Seller products:

The products will be sold after the seller (owner of the product sold) has been suspended, bankrupted or closed down.

These Free Return Rules are interpreted, enforced and governed by the laws of Hong Kong,

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