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4 Tips to Make Skype Screen Share Less Laggy

How To Make Skype Screen Share Less Laggy – often time, you may experience Skype lagging during screen share even when the internet is fine. Slow screen sharing when using Skype may be a result of so many things. In this article, I will show you how To prevent lagging or freezing video in Skype.

Skype screen share is an interesting feature that comes with the latest version of Skype and you can also use it on Skype for the web. This feature allows you to show the person you are on a call what is displayed on your screen and this is very handy especially when you want to show the friend a presentation or pictures you recently acquired. If you have made use of this feature you must have enjoyed it and you have noticed that sometimes it can get laggy which is frustrating and turn an interesting conversation soar. So the question pops up in your head “How can you make it less laggy?”, do not concern yourself much on the question as I’m here to provide answers to that question for you today.

If you have not made use of this feature before, then in other for you not to be left out of this exciting feature I will help you out.

How To Screen Share On Skype

If you do not have Skype on your device you can download and install though it comes preinstalled in Windows 10 systems. Both the preinstalled Skype and the one you would work the same but the one that comes with Windows 10 does not allow you to limit what you can share. Meaning that your whole display is going to be shared with the person you are on a call with. When you are done with installation, follow these few steps to share your screen on Skype;

  • One the app and start either a video or audio call with the person of your choice
  • When the person answers the call and the call is connected, tap or click on the Share screen button that looks like two overlapping squares at the bottom right corner of the call window/screen.

TIP: If you can not see the button displayed on the screen, then you can enlarge the window/screen to make the bottom visible. If you still can not find you can click on the lower right corner and when the menu pops up, tap ok the Share screen option. When you have successfully screen share you will have several options displayed on the next screen to set up what you are broadcasting.

How To Fix Skype Screen Share Lag

Delay experienced when you are using a Skype Screen share is caused by a couple of factors but to solve the lag, both parties are required. Factors like slow Internet connection, computer software, firewall setting or a busy network can be responsible for the lagging at either end of the call. So I will be picking each factor after the other to show how to fix it.

1.  Slow Internet Connection

Enhancing your network and computer would not be of any help in reducing the lagging if you are using a slow internet connection. Most internet services providers offer fast download speeds and slow upload speed which is unpleasant for Skype Screen share cause you are streaming quality HD video from your webcam. In a situation like this, all you have to do is to contact your Internet service provider or a couple of other providers to see what services you have in your area.

2.  Computer Issues

If you suspect that the issue is with your computer then first of all confirm that both you and the person you are on call with are using the latest version of Skype. Having checked that you both should shut down any other programs that permit Internet usage, play video or music, antivirus software and cancel any active download taking place. But if you are using a slow system, I will advise after closing all other applications to restart your computer. If you are making use of a USB webcam and the lag is occurring at the other end of the call, then you should disconnect the other USB devices because overloaded USB drivers can also result in video lag.

3.  Network Issues

If you are in the office and probably you are having a presentation over Skype then you start experience lags simply contact your office network administrator. Ask him or her that the Quality of Service can be configured on your network giving Skype priority over other network traffic. But in a situation where Quality of Service is not obtainable then you have to ask others using the network to abstain from downloading files or streaming video and audio while you are making the call on skype.

4.  Relayed Calls

What most people do not know is that Skype automatically relays signals through another server Skype direct access is not allowed by your firewall and this may lead to video lag. If you notice that your signals are relayed during your call, tap on the ”Call” menu and select “Call Technical Info”, beside the “SessionOut” or “session” entries, if you see the words “RELAY_UDP” or “RELAY_TCP” then your call is relayed. If this is the case then you and the person who you are calling should search your firewall settings and then allow Skype direct access to the Internet. When you are done with that the both of you should restart Skype so the changes can be effected.

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