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6 Best Methods to Disable System and Compressed Memory

System and compressed memory is in control for the compression of folders and running of RAM in the computer. If the virtual memory settings is changed, it leads to the system and compressed memory consuming up to 100% disk. On a normal running, system and compressed memory take little usage rate but some malfunctioning may lead to high usage which is common in windows 10 and 11.

The most effective steps will be detailed in this article which will solve this issue with no delay. Follow the steps below:


Shutting down or restarting PC resolves almost all issues and the system and compressed memory is not exempted. For a PC to be left on for a lengthy period, interior parts will begin to wear out and it leads to system not working.

Always shut down your system after using it especially at night. To do this:

– Press on the start button

– Select shutdown or restart option


-At the same time, press on ctrl + alt + del and choose task manager.

– Select the system and compressed memory task usage that will appear.

– Choose end task to complete this process.


Software programs that can spread in a computer without the user’s knowledge is a computer virus and it has the ability to interrupt the smooth running of your PC.

Malware and viruses may be the reason for system and compressed memory high disk usage. That’s why you should follow this steps to clear this problem:

-Download a windows defender or a trusted antivirus software.

– Scan through your computer using this software to clear all threats.

– Now examine the system and compressed memory disk usage.


If the other steps did not work, try inactivating system and compressed memory to solve this issue. You need to:

-Select start menu and choose control panel. Reduce the viewing method to tiny icons and click on administrative tools.

– The next thing is to select the task schedule from the options.

– After choosing task schedule, follow this: task schedule library>Microsoft>windows>memory diagnostics

–  Locate and select run full memory diagnostic entry and under this option choose disable.

–  Restart your PC and examine if disk usage 100 continues.



– At the same time, click WIN+R

– Type sysdm.cpl and click on enter

– In the system properties choose advanced and under it select settings.

– In the visual effects option tick on adjust for best performance and click on ok

– Restart to check if 100% disk usage is corrected.


-Increase RAM: this problem is closely related to RAM functioning, so adding more RAM in your PC will greatly limit high disk usage.

-Remove applications no longer in use. Having a lot of applications occupy the high disk usage so it’s important to uninstall them.

-After using an application, or browsing on the website, close all the search engines. Not closing them will put your system and compressed memory at a high risk of failure.

-Keep all your drivers to date. This will help stop hanging issues on the pc.

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