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how to delete Expedia account and 10 reasons to do so

Traveling is said to be the act of moving from one place to another. Reasons for traveling is one thing peculiar to individuals involved. People travel for recreational, educational, health and residential purposes, amongst several other reasons. To some individuals, traveling has grown to become a hobby which they have to explore at any available opportunity, most often, this category of traveling is for recreational or adventurous purpose.

While people travel, jobs are created  businesses grow and the economy of countries develop. According to a report from, the transportation and warehousing industry of the United States provides employment opportunities to about 6.1million people. While, in September 2019 alone, 16,000 jobs were created in the transportation and warehousing industry, according to a report.

Aside the transportation industry, other sectors such as the hospitality, education and health also enjoy a fair share of revenue from the movement of people from one place to another. However, one challenge people face in achieving their desired traveling experience is organization. But, with the advent of technology, several applications have been developed and travel websites established which have made the whole process of planning and organizing for a desired travel experience worthwhile. Planning here includes; flight booking, car rental services, hotel bookings, cruise ships, amongst others. One of these travel website is

The Expedia group is an American online travel shopping company for consumer and small business travel. Founded in 1996 and with an estimated 16,000 employees, the Expedia group claims to be among the world’s leading travel company, with it’s services spread across several areas such as; car rental services, hotel bookings, etc. For effective service delivery, Expedia group through it’s website enables prospective customers to open an account and carry out their intended transaction. However, for some reason which this article would also make known, some individuals have decided to delete their Expedia account

Here are some of the reasons, account users have decided to delete their account from the company’s database;

  • Presence of numerous company’s promotional mails on users email boxes; Many users of the Expedia platform, have overtime expressed their displeasure over the flooding of their mail box with tons of promotional mails from Expedia.
  • Maintenance of privacy; With attitudinal change which characterizes human existence and behavior, certain individuals have resorted to leaving the social media space. This has led to their disengagement from various social networks and websites, which, could be one of them.
  • Recent cyber crime and cyber attacks; The rise in number of cyber crime and other cyber related attacks have made people be weary of how they engage in any social media platform. Many people have out of frustration due to previous cyber scam experience may resort in deleting their social media accounts across different social networks and websites.
  • Dwindling economy and revenue; Following recent reports of the dwindling economy of the country, many individuals have found alternatives to many things, and this include engaging the services of friends and acquaintances for their travel engagement rather than travel websites and applications. This method has however, proved to be much cheaper.
  • Global health challenge; Following recent reports of different health crises in the country and outside the country, many people have restricted their travel engagements, and thus, they tend to delist their membership in different travel websites they are registered in.
  • Fierce competition; in the travel consultancy industry, they are several players. And users most often utilize the services of company’s with a cheaper offer, as the case may be, people tend to delete their membership from sites they feel their services come at a high cost.

The above reasons and more are why people tend to request for their Expedia account to be deleted. Too this end, let’s take a look at a step by step guide to deleting an Expedia account.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that there are two methods to deleting an Expedia account;


  • Delete by Email
  • Delete through the website


So, lets take a look at how to delete an Expedia account by email. To delete an expedia account by email, users would have to send a mail to the company, tendering a request for their account to be deleted. Below are the steps to deleting by email;


STEP 1: Click on and open your email account used in signing up on the Expedia website. Using same email is to ensure that your identity is recognized in the company’s database.

STEP 2: Enter the company’s email address thus-

STEP 3: On the subject column, type Request For Account To Be Deleted, or any other thing you can come up with. However, try as much as possible to be specific here, as it gives the mail handlers a direct intent of your message.

STEP 4: Type your message in the message box, and send. Properly explain the reason you want your account deleted. Thereafter, send the mail.

In due course, your mail will be considered.


If you don’t feel comfortable requesting for your account to be deleted using the email route, then trying the website method won’t be a bad idea.

Below are steps to deleting your Expedia account through the Expedia website;

STEP 1: Navigate to your preferred browser, and input the company’s URL,

STEP 2: Login to your Expedia account.

STEP 3: At the top right section of the page, is a folder Support. Move the cursor there, and click on it.

STEP 4: Thereafter, a dropdown menu will appear. Then, click on Customer Support.

STEP 5: A pop-up form comes up, at the Topic section, select Others.

STEP 6: In the section, What We Can Help You With, select Account Registration/Change Email Address.

STEP 7: If you have followed the above steps carefully, then, you are just a step away from deleting your Expedia account.

At the Still Need Help? Section, type in your email address and name. While, in the message box, type in the reason for requesting for your Expedia account to be deleted. Here, be specific as much as possible.

STEP 8: Finally, click on the send button.

If you just followed the above steps carefully, you have succeeded in requesting for the delete of your expedia account using the website method.

Hope this information was helpful?

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