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How To Change Square Enix ID On Ps4

The importance of owning a Square Enix account in his present time, cannot be overemphasized. When you open a Square Enix account on your PS4, you are automatically accessible to various Square Enix online services.

Apart from this, you could also combine or connect multiple Square Enix IDs from current services to a particular account and enjoy the benefits available when you open a Square Enix account. While doing this on your PS4, the problem of changing your Square Enix ID from time to time will come up, this is because your Square Enix ID is a unique identification number in which no two Square Enix account holders can have the same.

This article is put together with the sole purpose of solving the problem of changing Square Enix IDs on your PS4, I implore you to keep reading, because if you don’t read, how would you know?

How To Change Square Enix Id On Ps4

The process of trying to change your Square Enix ID number can be quite challenging, frustrating and almost impossible. Your Square Enix ID is a unique identifier that is given to you on opening a PS4 Square Enix account for the first time. With this Square Enix ID, you have the ability of opening up to eight different service account under it, these service account gives you the privilege of allowing your friends access to the games you play on a different service account using your PS4 Square Enix In situations like wanting to sell your account and you seriously have to change your Square Enix the only suggested method is by first of all unlinking your ID totally from your PS4 account.


The steps to successfully unlink your account are as follows:

1) You have to launch the PS4 with the play station number you want to unlink from.

2) After launching, it will display the home screen, which you click on the ‘settings’ option.

3) From the setting, you click on the PlayStation Network Account Management.

4) Click ‘activate’ as your primary PS4

5) Some options will display, click on the ‘disable’ option.

6) Click YES, and immediately you will get a notification that your account is successfully unlinked.

With your account successfully unlinked, when next you decide to open another account, the first thing you definitely would do is change you’re Square Enix ID, Below are the steps to carry out to succeed at this.

  1. First, go to the Square Enix account management system.
  2. Next, select account information
  • You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth or any other personal information of your, own.
  1. Next, you select update account information and your new Square Enix ID will be updated thereby updating your account information.

Things To Know About Square Enix And PS4

Square Enix is a Japanese video game that was produced by the Kabushiki geisha Enikkusu Company by the founder Yasuhiro Fukushima on September 22, 1975. Enix is a name coined from the word ‘phoenix’ which represents a bird, not just any bird a mystical one that is reborn from its ashes and the word ‘ENIAC’ which happens to be the worlds first digital computer. The company collaborated its competitor square to form Square Enix in the year 2003

PS4 which is an acronym for Play Station 4 is a video game that was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in February 2013. It was launched in different countries respectively and they include North America – November 15, 2013, Europe, South America and Australia – November 29, 2013, then in Japan – February 22, 2014. PS4 rivalry with  Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch, moving away from the more complex cell microarchitecture of it’s predecessors . It features include AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built upon the K86-64 architecture, which can theoretically peak at 1.84 teraflops;AMD stated that it was the most powerful .APU it  had developed to date another amazing feature of its is its CPU( Central Processing Unit) which is a semi-custom 8-core AMD X 86-64 Jaguar 1.6 GHz CPU(2.13 GHz on PS4 pro) integrated into APU) secondary low power processor ( for background task). Its memory for all models is 8GB GDDRJ RAM. Storage capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB. Its controller input is Dualshock 4, PlayStation Move, PlayStation vita while the camera is a PlayStation camera. The power feature of PS4 is via internal wide voltage range (110-240 V AC Hz/60H2) switched-mode power supply. The mass of the PlayStation 4 first generation was 2.8kg (6.2Ibs), PS4 (2nd generation): 2.5kg (5.5Ibs) slim 2.1 kg(4.6Ibs) while PS4 pro 3.3kg(7.32Ibs) among other features of PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 was launched to critical acclaim, and critics appreciated Sony Company for acknowledging its customers need by embracing independent game development. Critics also praise the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 in comparison to its competitors, other developers describes the unique features of PS4 as a significant one compared to Xbox


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