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How to become a 3D animator

Careers in 3D animation are fast becoming popular among other tech fields. This is because of the fascinating way in which they approach content creation. You can just imagine images and creatures and bring them to life in great animation and design that fascinate your audience.

Animated objects are like real objects that can move and display different sides. If you are a 3D animator you have a great profession that you will need to regularly update on. But if you want to become a 3D animator, there is a great future ahead of you.

If you have decided to become a 3D Animator, then you are welcome to a world of a great adventure. Becoming a 3D animator means that you will be able to design and create eye-catching animations. To be a good professional, you will need to have interest in lighting, texturing, modeling, and 3D movement. 3D animation will play a great role in the future of content creation and advertising so you will be open to great opportunities if you achieve your dream of becoming a 3D animator.

Like most professional fields, 3D animation requires some qualifications. Acquiring an academic qualification in 3D animation exposes you to the broader spectrum of the field. You will also get acquainted with the trends in the industry and the prospects for the future. According to, the 3D animator industry was worth $270 million in 2020 and it is projected to go even higher.

Steps to become a 3D animator

1. Study one of these courses

An academic qualification in 3D animation is not often required but it can give you an edge in the very competitive business environment. So if you want a sterling 3D animation career then get a degree or certification in any of the following fields. Graphic design, Computer Programming, Modelling, Game design, Kinematics, Video editing, 3D Programming. Alternatively, you can also learn on your own. There are many DIY tutorials on becoming a 3D animator but possessing the aforementioned qualification will give you the right foundation to begin your journey.

2. Follow industry trends

Brands in the business world are often changing their approach to content development. As a 3D animator, you should be able to follow the trend and do the things that brad needs. One way to keep up with the trend is to follow successful 3D animators in your industry on social media to learn how to cope with industry trends that our prospective clients may want.

3. Become an intern

In your journey to becoming a 3D animator, you don’t have to hurriedly rush into practice. Put yourself in a real work situation, as an intern to learn how things work. You will need other work skills aside from 3D animation to thrive in the industry, especially teamwork. Working as an intern will enable you to better understand the needs of the industry and how to meet them in the context of your skills.

4. Build a niche

A jack of all trade often ends up as a master of none. That is why you should select a niche or an industry where you will offer your 3D design services. It will take time during your training and exposure to choose an industry that you are passionate about. This is because animation is a lot of work. It requires passion to enable you achieve a lot.

5. Watch DIY videos

There are many DIY videos on 3D animation that you can learn from. They often tackle everyday questions that 3D animators face in the course of their work. You will have access to how brilliant and experienced minds in the industry have been getting over these challenges.

Required skills for 3D animation

1. Creativity

You have to be creative in your quest to be a 3D animator.  One has to be original and have a good sense of imagination about images and concepts to be able to handle 3D animation. Creativity can be deepened by acquiring skills and learning about the subject matter.

It is also being original about your approach and not just imitating someone else. There are many outstanding animators out there so the tendency to want to imitate their works may be high. However, there is a high price to be paid for copying someone else’s work. That is why a deep sense of originality and imagination must accompany your quest to become a 3D animator.

2. Team work

You have to be a good team player to be successful in your 3D animation journey. Most of the projects you will work on may not be yours. They may be for content development companies or your clients so you need to work with them to achieve a satisfactory output. You may also need to work with designers to achieve some aspect of your task.

3. Attention to detail

To get the 3D design right you have to have a high capacity for attending to details. This will ensure that there are no lapses when your 3D animation is completed. A little mix-up can ruin the beautiful design that costs you much time and effort.

4. Fast learner

The world of 3D animation like most technological fields is fast changing. New technologies and innovations make it an interesting and highly competitive field. The skills you possess and the tools you can use will shape a lot about your 3D career.

5. Great memory and storing capacity

Since you will be dedicated to handling many 3D projects, you should know how to use, store and manage your works. This will ensure that you will be able to have them when in need. You should not be looking around for your files while carrying out an urgent 3D design project.

Although you may be smart and have a good memory, you may still rely on cloud storage to keep your information handy. Some external devices can also be used but it is safer and preferable to utilize cloud storage and other secure means of securing your works. This includes a reliable computer that supports your 3D animation.


If you follow these steps and develop the aforementioned skills, you will become a successful 3D animator.

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