6 Steps to load a grease gun easily

How to load a grease gun – Grease guns are essential tools for maintaining and lubricating machinery, vehicles, and equipment. A grease gun is a device that is used to apply lubricants such as grease or oil to moving parts of machinery. Grease guns come in different types, but the most common ones are the lever-operated and the pistol grip. In this article, we will guide you on how to load a grease gun properly.Early Finder

How to Load a Grease Gun

Step 1: Select the right grease

The first step in loading a grease gun is to choose the right type of grease. The type of grease to use depends on the equipment or machinery that you are lubricating. Refer to the equipment manual to determine the recommended type of grease for the application. There are different types of grease available in the market, such as lithium, calcium, and polyurea grease. Make sure that you select the right type of grease for your equipment.

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Step 2: Prepare the grease gun

Before you can load the grease gun, you need to prepare it for use. First, remove the cap from the grease gun. Some grease guns have a removable barrel, while others have a fixed barrel. If you have a removable barrel, detach it from the grease gun. Next, ensure that the plunger is fully retracted to create space for the grease.

Step 3: Load the grease

The next step is to load the grease into the grease gun. You can do this by scooping the grease into the barrel using a small spatula or a spoon. Alternatively, you can use a grease cartridge that is specially designed for use with grease guns. Grease cartridges are easy to use and prevent contamination of the grease.

To load a grease cartridge, remove the end cap from the grease gun barrel. Insert the cartridge into the barrel and ensure that it is firmly seated. Then, push the plunger until it touches the end of the cartridge.

How to load a grease gun
Source: NAPA Know How Blog – NAPA Auto Parts

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Step 4: Prime the grease gun

After loading the grease, you need to prime the grease gun to remove any air pockets. To do this, connect the grease gun to the equipment or machinery that you want to lubricate. Hold the grease gun firmly against the fitting, and pump the handle or lever a few times until the grease starts to flow out of the fitting. This process removes any air pockets and ensures that the grease reaches the moving parts of the equipment.

Step 5: Apply the grease

Once you have primed the grease gun, you can start applying the grease to the equipment or machinery. Hold the grease gun firmly against the fitting and pump the handle or lever to dispense the grease. Ensure that you apply the grease evenly and avoid over-lubricating the equipment.

How to load a grease gun
Source: NAPA Know How Blog – NAPA Auto Parts
Step 6: Clean the grease gun

After you have finished lubricating the equipment, it is essential to clean the grease gun to prevent contamination and ensure that it is ready for the next use. Wipe the grease gun with a clean cloth to remove any excess grease. If the grease gun is dirty, you can clean it using a degreaser or solvent. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning the grease gun.How to load a grease gun

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How to load a grease gun without a cartridge

Loading a grease gun without a cartridge requires a different approach. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Unscrew the head of the grease gun from the barrel.
  2. Clean out any old grease that may be inside the barrel and head using a clean rag or paper towel.
  3. Add the desired amount of grease to the barrel. You can either scoop the grease out of the container using a clean tool or spoon or use a grease filler pump to transfer grease from a larger container to the gun.
  4. Replace the head of the grease gun onto the barrel, ensuring that it is threaded properly and tightened securely.
  5. Pump the handle of the grease gun a few times to prime the grease and expel any air pockets that may be present.
  6. Check the flow of grease by dispensing a small amount onto a rag or paper towel. If the flow is slow or non-existent, try pumping the handle a few more times to increase pressure.

Note: It’s important to use the correct type of grease for your application and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the amount of grease to use.

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How to fill a grease gun from a bucket

To fill a grease gun from a bucket, you will need the following items:

  1. Grease gun
  2. Grease bucket
  3. Grease gun filler nozzle
  4. Gloves

Follow these steps to fill a grease gun from a bucket:

  1. Put on your gloves to protect your hands from the grease.
  2. Remove the lid from the grease bucket and use a clean rag to wipe away any dirt or debris from around the opening.
  3. Insert the grease gun filler nozzle into the opening of the bucket and secure it in place.
  4. Pull back the plunger on the grease gun to create suction.
  5. Slowly pump the plunger until grease starts to fill the gun. Continue pumping until the grease gun is full.
  6. Remove the filler nozzle from the bucket and wipe away any excess grease from the nozzle.
  7. Replace the lid on the grease bucket and store it in a cool, dry place.

Your grease gun is now filled and ready to use. Remember to clean and maintain your grease gun regularly to ensure proper functioning.

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Grease gun refill pump

A grease gun refill pump is a device that is used to transfer grease from a bulk container into a grease gun. This is a common tool used in automotive and industrial settings to lubricate machinery and equipment.

The refill pump typically consists of a pump assembly, a hose, and a connector that attaches to the grease gun. The pump assembly is designed to fit onto the bulk container of grease and create a vacuum that pulls the grease into the pump. The grease is then pushed through the hose and into the grease gun.

When using a grease gun refill pump, it is important to ensure that the grease being used is compatible with the equipment being lubricated. It is also important to follow proper safety procedures when working with greases, such as wearing gloves and eye protection.

There are many different types of grease gun refill pumps available on the market, ranging from manual pumps to electric pumps. Some pumps are designed to work with specific types of grease, while others are more versatile and can be used with a wide range of greases.