Community Monuments Fund 2024 – Application guide

About Community Monuments Fund 2024: The Community Monuments Fund for 2024 is now open for applications. The Community Monuments Fund aims to conserve, maintain, protect, and present archaeological monuments. It achieves these by enabling conservation work on important monuments requiring urgent support, building resilience to withstand climate change effects, and improving access to and presentation of monuments. The Department encourages project promoters to highlight traditional skills training elements in their projects.

About The Fund Provider: The Community Monuments Fund was first set up to provide investment in Ireland’s archaeological heritage. The agency prioritizes funding for local authorities, private owners, custodians, and community groups to care for, conserve, maintain, protect, and promote archaeological monuments. In 2024, the total funding available nationally for projects under the Community Monuments Fund will be €7,000,000. The Community Monuments Fund helps owners and custodians of archaeological monuments safeguard them into the future for the benefit of communities and the public.

Streams of Community Monuments Fund 2024
The Community Monuments Fund comprises three streams:
Stream 1 offers up to €100,000 in grants for essential repairs and capital works to conserve archaeological monuments.

Stream 2 will offer grants of up to €30,000 for the development of conservation management plans and reports. These plans aim to identify measures for conserving archaeological monuments and improving public access.

Stream 3 provides €30,000 in grants for improving access and interpretation, including virtual resources, at archaeological sites.

Community Monuments Fund 2024: Eligible Projects

The Community Monuments Fund provides funding for projects related to:

  • Archaeological Monuments in the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) under the National Monuments Act 1930 (as amended).
  • Archaeological Monuments in the Sites and Monuments Record set-in by the National Monuments Service.

Eligible projects fall into these categories:

  • A proposed project by a local authority concerning archaeological monuments in public ownership, demonstrating a clear heritage focus and community or public benefit.
  • Projects proposed by a local authority based on applications from private individuals who own or oversee relevant archaeological monuments where a tangible public benefit exists.
  • Ones with a clearly defined heritage focus and community or public benefit are submitted directly to the department by a state-funded organization operating in the heritage sector.


2021 Projects Supported by CMF
Project ID Location Funding Stream
CMF21-1-DC002 Clontarf Graveyard €70,000.00 Stream 1
CMF21-1-DC003 Drimnagh Castle €42,308.00 Stream 1
CMF21-1-DC004 Donnybrook Graveyard €70,000.00 Stream 1
CMF21-2-DC001 St. Nicholas Within Church €20,000.00 Stream 2
CMF21-2-DC002 St. Canice’s Graveyard €29,520.00 Stream 2
CMF21-2-DC003 Merrion Graveyard €11,070.00 Stream 2
CMF21-3-DC001 Huguenot Cemetery Merrion Row €17,484.50 Stream 3
CMF21-3-DC002 Cabbage Garden Graveyard €17,484.50 Stream 3
CMF21-3-DC003 Ballybough Jewish Cemetery €20,000.00 Stream 3
CMF21-2-DC001 Bluebell Graveyard €11,070.00 Stream 2

2022 projects were supported by CMF
Site Outcome Applicant Award Reference
St Audoen’s Medieval Church Works Stream 1 Church of Ireland €85,000 CMF22-1- DC004
St Canice’s Graveyard Finglas Works Stream 1 DCC Parks €85,000 CMF22-1- DC001
Christchurch Cathedral Conservation Management Plan Stream 2 Church of Ireland €30,000 CMF22-2 -DC001
Drimnagh Castle Conservation Management Plan Stream 2 Drimnagh Castle €30,000 CMF22-2- DC002
St James’s Church and Graveyard Interpretative Audio Guide

Stream 3

DCC Parks €10,762 CMF22-3- DC001


2023 projects were supported by CMF
Site Outcome Applicant Award Reference
St Audoen’s Medieval Church, Cornmarket, Dublin 8 Works Stream 1 Church of Ireland €93,416.65 CMF23-1DC001
Christchurch Cathedral, Christchurch Place, Dublin 8 Survey Stream 2 Church of Ireland €30,000.00 CMF23-2-DC004
Drimnagh Castle & Gardens, Long Mile Road, Dublin 12 Works Stream 1 Drimnagh Castle & Gardens €120,000.00 CMF23-1-DC002
St Mary’s former COI Crumlin, Dublin 12 Conservation Management Plan

Stream 2

Church of Ireland €30,000.00 CMF23-2-DC001
City Walls-Cook Street & Lamb Alley, Dublin 8 Survey Stream 2 DCC Archaeology & Heritage €28,019.40 CMF23-2-DC005
St Canice’s Graveyard, Finglas, Dublin 11 Works Stream 1 DCC Parks €100,000.00 CMF23-1-DC005


Closing Date
The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Thursday, February 1, 2024.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 056 779 4923