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How To Make Fallout4 Fun Again

How To Make Fallout4 Fun Again: Are you feeling bored with Fallout 4? Looking for ways to make the game more fun? This guide will provide you with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Fallout 4 experience. From creating custom settlements to exploring the wasteland, you’ll find plenty of ways to make Fallout 4 fun again.

In case you are wondering what Fallout4 really is, Fallout4 is a popular game that was brought into the limelight in 2015, November 10, to be precise. It can be played by both young and old and both gender. It was created by a company called Bethesda Game Studio. You really can’t talk about Fallout4 without mentioning the city of Boston and the Commonwealth in Massachusetts, as these are the environment in which the game is set.

It also used beautiful places like Bunker Hill, Fort Independence, and Old North Bridge near Concord. This game is a sequel to Fallout3, 10 years after The Great War, which resulted from a catastrophic nuclear explosion in the United States. If you have no clue about the game or want to know how to make the game fun, then I would like you to keep reading as I will reveal how to make Fallout 4 fun again.Make Fallout4 Fun Again

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The Game Storyline

The player plays the part of the Sole Survivor, who is on a mission to find his missing son and avenge the death of his dear wife. It begins with the Sole Survivor having quality family time with his wife and son when suddenly a nuclear explosion occurs. He awakens 210 years later to the realization that his wife is dead and his son has been kidnapped. Having no place to go and his home, Sanctuary Hills is ruined. He meets a man named Codsworth, who tells him what happened and suggests he goes to a town named Concord.

The Sole Survivor travels to Concord; on his arrival, he is directed to Diamond City, where he meets an acquaintance named Piper; after much hassle, they both find out an organization called THE INSTITUTE is in the business of kidnapping humans and turning them into synthetic synths. The leader of the company is known as “THE FATHER.” But with time, more revelation reveals that his son, Shaun, is the institute’s director and has grown into a very old man. After Shaun’s death, the Sole Survivor wipes out the institute using a nuclear reactor, and he is on a mission to ensure every other existing faction is also completely wiped out.

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How To Make Fallout4 Fun Again

Fallout4 is rated one of the best games; there are chances you may have successfully played the 400-hour game, explored every corner of the game, and finally found the game boring and no longer fun to play anymore. I bring to you a few suggestions that will change your mind and make you revisit the game and try out amazing kinds of stuff you may have overlooked.

·        You Are Special

If you remember back at the beginning of the game, the quaint family feels and the beautiful environment, and you wish to experience it again, Say no more, as there is a possible way that can happen. If you search thoroughly in Shaun’s former room, you will find a book titled ‘You Are Special’; collecting that book automatically gives you a special point that you can use to revisit that nostalgic family feeling in the beginning.

·        Making Supply Lines

Building settlements in Fallout4 was an important feature that made the game more exciting and interesting. Making supply lines connect two or more of your settlement makes the game easier to play, enabling you to access your food and water at any location easily. You could, for fun, go back and visit those already-built settlements of yours and connect supply lines to them.

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Amazing Features Of Fallout4

I would love to indulge you in some unique features in Fallout4 that makes it outstanding and preferable to other previous Fallout series. They include:

·        The Creation Engine Feature

This feature allows the player playing the game to create his own revamped character how he likes freely and with ease. All the player has to do is drag the selected facial feature of his choice and place it in the appropriate position to form his desired character. This character could either be a male or female.

·        The Sole Survivor Feature

The character called Sole Survivor in the game is acted and voiced by two human figures: Brian T. Delaney and Courtney Taylor.

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·        The Pip-Boy Device Feature

With this new device in the game, the Sole Survivor character can locate directions through maps faster; he can manage statistics and missions and access other menu options. This device is handled only by the Sole Survivor himself, as he is the main character in the game.

·        The Building Settlement Feature

With this feature, the player can build structures for use or hide from his attackers and build houses, stores, food gardens, etc. The Sole Survivor can also produce his food and drinks; this ensures he doesn’t run out of what to eat when on a mission.

·        The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting Feature (V.A.T.S)

This feature assists the Sole Survivor during combat with his attackers. When on a mission, the actions are slowed down, enabling the Sole Survivor to target a specific part of his opponent’s body to injure, thereby killing him immediately.

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