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Marsden Fund 2024 – Application Form and Guide

About Marsden Fund 2024: The Marsden Fund allocates $77.391 million (excluding GST) to researchers to support their projects and dreams. These grants seek to support excellent research across humanities, engineering, mathematics, science, and social sciences for three years. Read through the article to find out what it entails and how you can go about it.

More About Marsden Fund 2024
The Marsden Fund continues its strong support for emerging researchers, granting 41 Fast-Start awards of about $14,760,000 (excluding GST). These grants foster independent research, nurturing exceptional careers in Aotearoa. Funded projects have a success rate of 13.0% in 2022, These projects have diverse topics such as climate change’s impact on glaciers, cultural history of the taniwha, antibiotic resistance, solar cell adoption drivers in Aotearoa, and writing in vagahau Niue. Established researchers and teams received 72 Marsden Fund Standard grants, totaling $62,631,000 (excluding GST), with a success rate of 12.4%. These projects address various local and international issues, including exploring the use of ionic liquids as solvents alternatives, fructose’s role in diabetic heart disease, Māori oral historical perspectives on kūmara, and the mathematics behind imaging technologies.

Costings and Lifespan of Marsden Fund 2024
The grants span three years and cover all expenses, including salaries, student and postdoctoral positions, institutional overheads, and research consumables.

2024 Marsden Funding Round Timetable

Also available as a PDF file[PDF 189.36 kb]

Early Dec 2023 Guidelines available and web site active Waitangi Day holiday Monday 6 February
Tues 20th Feb Closing date for EOIs and Marsden Fund Council Award proposals (noon)
By Mon 26th Feb Convenors provided with lists of proposals and summaries
By Monday 4th March Panellists sent EOIs  
3-5 and 8-12 April Assessment panel meetings


Easter 29 March – 1 April

School hols 13 to 28 April

Anzac Day Thursday 25  April

Tuesday, 7 May Marsden Fund Council meeting  
Thursday, 9 May Invitations for Full Proposals King’s Birthday Monday 3 June
Thursday, 20 June Closing date for Full Proposals (noon)  
Monday, 1st July (or earlier if ready) Proposals sent to referees Matariki Friday 28 June
4-5 July Proposals sent to panellists School hols 6-21 July
Monday, 22 July


Referee reports returned to the Marsden Fund
Wednesday, 7 – Thursday 8 August   Marsden Fund Council Meeting (Strategic)  
Wednesday, 14 August Referee reports available from web portal (for comment)
Wednesday, 28 August Deadline for applicant responses (noon)
Mon 16– Fri 27 Sept Assessment Panel meetings School hols 28 Sept-Sun 13 Oct
Thursday, 10 October Marsden Fund Council meeting


Labour day Monday 28 October
TBA – Approx early November Results announced

The Marsden application portal: How To Apply
To submit applications to the Marsden Fund:
1. Access the web-based application portal.
2. Researchers using an institutional coordinator should obtain log-in details from their research offices.
3. Refer to the Expression of Interest (EOI) guidelines or full proposal guidelines for Fast-Start or Standard grants.
4. Consult the Marsden Fund Council Award guidelines for Council award applications.
5. These guidelines provide background information and outline the expected information for each proposal section.

Instructions for applicants

  1. After receiving a URL, access your personal details, a list of all proposals you’re named on, and the proposal you’re the contact PI for.
  2. On logging in, verify and update your contact details if necessary.
  3. Switch through the menu on the left: contact details, PhD details (Fast-Start contact PIs only), research expertise, gender/ethnicity, and personal terms and conditions.
  4. Acceptance of personal terms and conditions is mandatory for proposal submission.
  5. Click “Applications” for a list of proposals you’re named on in the current round. Access any proposal by clicking the triangle next to the “I Agree” button.
  6. As contact PI, edit your proposal; as co-PI or AI, you’ll have read-only access.
  7. Access guidelines, templates, and instructions from the bottom left of the page.
  8. After registration, modify or add to your application as needed. Enter PI and AI names before CVs and FTE tables.
  9. Utilize navigation links on the left; avoid using the browser’s “Back” button.
  10. Save information by pressing the SAVE button; save regularly to prevent loss due to timing out (set at 20 minutes).
  11. Begin entering or changing information by clicking ADD or EDIT buttons.
  12. Some buttons may be located below the screen; scroll down to find them.
  13. Remember to LOGOUT to prevent server slowdown during peak times.



  • Full Proposals must be submitted electronically from the Marsden Fund.
  • Deadline for Full Proposals: 12 noon (NZST), Wednesday 21 June 2023, via the application portal.
  • Refer to the 2023 Expression of Interest (EOI) Guidelines for details on objectives, eligibility criteria, proposal limits, PI exclusion rule, and assessment criteria.



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