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3 Methods to Add Music to iMovie

How to Add Music to iMovie – iMovie is a powerful video editing software that allows users to create professional-looking videos. One of the key features of iMovie is the ability to add music to your videos to enhance the overall viewing experience.

In this article, we will explore the various ways to add music to iMovie and provide tips on how to make the most of this feature. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, this guide will help you create videos that are truly engaging.

1. How to Add Music in iMovie on iPhone

iMovie provides a vast collection of music, soundtracks and audio effects created by famous artists and composers that you can add to your videos. Here are the steps to add music to your iMovie project on an iPhone: Add music to iMovie

  • Open your project on the timeline.
  • Tap on the “Add Media” button (icon looks like a plus sign) to open the menu.
  • Select the “Audio” option and then tap on “Soundtracks” to view the built-in music offerings.
  • Preview the soundtracks by tapping on them, download the dimmed ones first before previewing.
  • To add the chosen soundtrack, tap on the “Add Audio” icon (circle with a plus sign) next to the soundtrack.
  • iMovie will automatically import the song, position it at the beginning of the video clip and fit it to the project’s length.
  • Make any necessary adjustments, such as changing the clip’s length or adding a second song.

2. How to Add Music in iMovie on iPad

Adding music to iMovie on an iPad is similar to doing it on an iPhone. Here’s how:

Open your video project in iMovie on your iPad and view it on the timeline.

  • Tap on the “Add Media” icon on the screen.
  • Select “Audio” and then “Soundtracks” to browse the different music options available.
  • Preview each song by tapping on it, if a music file is not yet downloaded, it will appear lighter in color, download it first before previewing.
  • To add your chosen music to your iMovie video, tap on the “Add Audio” symbol next to the song.
  • iMovie will import the song into your project and place it at the start of the reel, stretching the music to cover the entire length of the video. Once the import is complete, you can adjust the length of the audio clip or add a second one.

3. How to Add Music to iMovie on Mac

iMovie for Mac comes with a comprehensive sound library that includes jingles, songs, and sound effects, adding music to your iMovie project on a Mac is different from adding it on an iPad or iPhone.

Here’s how:

  • Open your project in iMovie.
  • Go to the top of the browser and click on “Audio.”
  • In the sidebar that opens up on the left, find “Sound Effects” and tap on it.
  • In some cases, you may have to click the “Media Browser” button to open the browser.
  • To preview a song, hover your cursor over your selection in the menu, a “Play” button will appear, click it to hear the song.
  • Another way to preview a song is to select it and then click inside the waveform at the top of the Media Browser, press the “Spacebar” to hear the preview.
  • Once you find the song you would like to add to your project, select it and drag it onto your project timeline.
  • To add the music file to a specific video clip, drag it under the clip until a vertical bar connecting the video and audio files appears. When you move this video clip, the audio track will follow.
  • To add music from a file on your Mac, click “File” at the top of your screen and select “Import Media.” This option will open a window that allows you to browse your Mac’s files and add them to your project.



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