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INSETA Bursary 2024 Application – Portal Guide – https//

INSETA Bursary 2024 Application – INSETA is inviting students from South Africa who are interested in applying for the Insurance Sector Student Fund (ISSF) bursary program for 2024. The bursaries will be given to both working and unemployed people, especially those who are studying insurance and related courses.

The INSETA ISSF Bursary is given to applicants based on their financial need or affordability as well as their academic excellence. Potential applicants can apply by using the following link: https:/// This article provides a guide for applicants as it covers important topics such as eligibility requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and requirements.

About The INSETA Bursary

The Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA) is a recognized education and training body in South Africa whose mission is to increase the number and caliber of vital and in-demand skills within the insurance industry. To help close the skills gap in the insurance industry, INSETA offers a variety of training and skill-development programs, including learnerships, internships, and bursaries.

The goal of the Insurance Sector Student Fund (ISSF) Bursary Scheme is to support the insurance whole value chain. Funding for the ISSF comes from both public and private businesses that support workers, graduates, and students in a variety of economic sectors and are dedicated to helping them develop, reskill, upskill, and multiskill.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the bursary, applicants must meet the following minimum entry criteria. Failure to satisfy all the requirements will lead to your application not being considered. The criteria are as follows:

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be currently in Matric (in 2023) or have completed Matric
  • You must be unemployed and between 18 and 35 years old OR you must be employed and of any age
  • You must be studying or intend on studying at a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa (preferably towards a course in the Insurance and related sectors)

INSETA Bursary Requirements

Please include the following documents with your application, as they are vital for the bursary application. Therefore, failure to send all of the required documentation can get you disqualified. The documents are as follows:

  • ID document (certified copy)
  • Matric latest results, if currently in Matric (certified copy – not older than 3 months)
  • Matric certificate, if completed Matric (certified copy)
  • Most recent academic record, if currently studying (on institution letterhead)
  • Acceptance Letter from institution (on institution letterhead)
  • Proof of Registration from the institution, if applicable (on institution letterhead)
  • Tuition Fee/ Course Quotation (on institution letterhead)
  • Completed ISSF POPIA Form (.pdf)
  • Employed applicants:
    • Completed ISSF Worker Agreement (.pdf)
    • Completed INSETA Business Information Tool (BI-Tool) (.xlsx)
    • Letter of Employment
  • Unemployed applicants:
    • Completed ISSF Learner Agreement (.pdf)
    • Completed INSETA Business Information Tool (BI-Tool) (.xlsx)
    • Accommodation Fee/ Course Quotation (on institution letterhead)
    • Parents or guardians ID documents/ death certificates/ affidavit if deceased (certified copy)
    • Parents or guardians 3 months’ recent payslips/ bank statements (certified copy)
    • Parents or guardians’ affidavit and SASSA letter if receiving a grant (certified copy)

What Does INSETA Bursary Cover

The INSETA bursary will provide coverage for two types of applicants which are the employed students and the unemployed students. This coverage includes:

For the Unemployed students:

  • Tuition fees
  • Textbooks
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Technological devices where applicable (laptops and data)
  • Monthly allowance.

For the Employed students:

  • Tuition fees and a book allowance where applicable. The bursaries are awarded on a sliding scale.

Step-By-Step Application Process

  • The INSETA Bursary 2024 application is not difficult as you can process it by yourself. Firstly, you need to visit, download and fill out the INSETA ISSF Bursary Application Form 2024 (.pdf)
  • After filling up the bursary application form, please email the application form to: Email: Please use “INSETA ISSF Bursary Application” as the subject of your email.
  • Final selections are made by the ISSF BURSARY
  • Applicants who have been shortlisted for the bursary will be contacted within 90 days. If you don’t get feedback within this period, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Note: Applicants are under no circumstances secured of, promised, or guaranteed an INSETA Bursary. However, INSETA Bursary reserves the right to shortlist, invite, and thereafter select applicants as seen fit by the various selection committees. Only applicants who comply with the minimum requirements will be considered for an ISSF Bursary.

Application Deadline – INSETA Bursary 2024 Closing Date

The deadline for the INSETA Bursary 2024 applications is 16 December 2023. Please make sure that every required document is sent to the appropriate mailbox so that it can be reviewed.

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