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3 Tricks Get Rid of WinRAR Expired Notification

How To Get Rid of WinRAR Expired Notification: Today we will be talking about how to get rid of the WinRAR expired notification, which is sure everybody who has been using WinRAR for more than 40 days is experiencing; However, most people ignore when you’re doing a lot of work that requires a lot of extraction it might become a bit of an annoyance.early finder

WinRAR is a pretty popular software; in fact, when it comes to extracting files, it is number one. I remember when I first started using a PC and being a child back then, all I thought about was games. Although I usually them in CD formats. Sometimes the game won’t work, and I would have to download compressed stuff with a RAR format or even a ZIP format; that was when I first learned about WinRAR. Over the years, I found out that bug files, including videos, are compressed and shrunk down, and given the ZIP extension, although there is much software out there, WinRAR has been the most outstanding and popular of the lot.

Decompressing and compressing files have gone a long way, and now you can even use your Android phone to decompress compressed files with tools such as B1Archiver or Zarchiver. But that is beside the point. Anyone using WinRAR and conversing with the software will know that after using it for 40 days, your trial period expires. You would be required to purchase the license key. Although you won’t necessarily be locked out from using the software, you start getting this annoying pop-up on a start-up telling you to purchase the license or remove the software from your computer. In this article, I’ll b showing you different solutions to the ‘WinRAR trial expired pop-up notification; now, let’s dive in.Get Rid of WinRAR Expired Notification

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Although this is one of the many solutions I’ll provide, it’s probably one of the most straightforward ones. After your trial period expires, you can ignore the popup messages telling you to buy the license key. After all, that’s what most people do. But if it’s really bugging you, you can decide to cave in and buy it. I remember reading a post once about a guy who decided to buy the WinRAR license key. His story was that he just wanted and liked to keep things legal and just wanted to see what it would be like.

So after the purchase, he asked the company through mail how much of the license key and CD they sell. To my surprise, WinRAR, which has been made a meme many times due to its never-ending trial periods, sells many license keys every day and even ships about 3,000 copies of the CD all over the world yearly! Yes, every single year! So buying it isn’t a bad idea, it is a good one and a safe one at that. Soto buys your WinRAR license key.

After your trial period expires (Oh, and if you buy it before it expires, you get a 30% discount on the retail price) and you start getting the popup, click the buy online button. This will open your browser (default) and automatically navigate you to the purchase page. Now you get to customize your order by choosing if you want to purchase WinRAR maintenance or if you want a physical CD. After which, you are meant to fill in the required information and proceed with the payment method you prefer. After purchasing the license, follow the instructions you received to remove the WinRAR trial expired pop-up. If you ordered a physical CD, you would have to wait for it to be delivered to you; it can take a couple of days or weeks, depending on different factors.

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 This method teaches you how to extract a ZIP file without using WinRAR. Although I know it doesn’t say how to get rid of the disturbing popup, it’s like a follow-up if ignoring it or buying the license isn’t an option. All major platforms, such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac, usually have a built-in file browsing app or software to extract ZIP files without downloading any other extra app or software. I will show you how to extract on Mac, Windows, and Android.

For windows, find the ZIP file in the location in which it is stored, then right-click on it, after which it displays a menu for you. Navigate to the extract files button, after which a menu will appear for you to browse where you will extract the file, then click on extract, and the files will be extracted. As for Mac, open the finder, navigate to the ZIP file, and double-click on the ZIP file. This will prompt the extraction to begin. Then open the new folder for the extracted file. For Android, open the my files app or files by Google play, browse for the zip files location and open it, navigate to the zip file, tap on the ZIP file, and tap the extract button. Now tap on the newly created folder to view the ZIP file.

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 WinZip, I am sure you have heard of it; it is the biggest extraction software after WinRAR. It is a trialware file archiver and a compressor that is available for different platforms such as Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac. If you’re fed up with the constant reminder of WinRAR, perhaps you might consider switching to WinZip. It supports many popular file formats such as ZIP, RAR, ISO, 7Z, TAR, and much more. You can also compress files such as PDFs, videos, and even images.

It also has many other great features, such as file splitting, PDF to Word converter, file manager feature, file backup, file-sharing support, and even cloud storage. Although it isn’t the only extraction software out there, we also have Ashampoo Zip, B1 free Archiver, and even 7-zip for PC. Mixplorer Silver, B1 Archiver and even Zarchiver for Android. We also have iZip and ZIP viewer for IOS. The Mac isn’t left out, as there is also the Unarchiver, UnRa r x, Zipey, and even many more. And the best part is that most, if not all are free.

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 If all of these still don’t satisfy you, you can decide to download the cracked version of WinRAR, which offers you WinRAR’s features for free and no pop-up to disturb you. But note that I don’t recommend downloading cracked software, especially when you’re not sure the website is safe. So download at your own risk.

With that, we have come to the end of another amazing article, don’t forget to check this website for other interesting and engaging topics in areas such as entertainment, politics, religion, gaming, and various tutorials in various areas. So, thank you so much again for your time, and please, I can’t overemphasize checking out some of the other wonderful topics for you to read; thank you.

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