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Sandbox VR Review – Everything You Need to Know

Sandbox VR Review – Everything You Need to Know – What’s Virtual Reality (also known as VR)? Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create simulated environments. Virtual reality immerses the user in a three-dimensional experience. Users are immersed in and interact with 3D worlds rather than viewing a screen in front of them.early finder

What’s Sandbox VR? Sandbox is a futuristic virtual reality experience for groups of up to six people in which you can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like in real life. Sandbox VR’s exclusive worlds, inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, allow people to feel like they live inside a game or movie and are built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft veterans.

Want to learn more about Sandbox VR? In this Sandbox review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Sandbox VR.

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What is Sandbox VR?

Sandbox VR is a virtual reality company founded in 2016 by Steve Zhao, who is also the current CEO of Sandbox VR. Although the company was founded in Hong Kong, its headquarters have since relocated to San Mateo, California.Sandbox VR Review

Sandbox VR stands out among VR companies because it emphasizes full-body, in-person, and social virtual reality experiences. Instead of donning a headset and grabbing controllers while standing alone in your living room, Sandbox VR customers visit physical, brick-and-mortar locations with up to six of their friends (think of the same general idea as escape rooms or laser tag, but for VR).

Players are outfitted with full-body motion capture devices, VR-ready backpack computers, haptic vests, and other game-specific items to create a more immersive experience. Not only do the players have access to high-quality technology, but they can also high-five their friends, resulting in an incredible level of immersion.

Sandbox VR was designed in the spirit of the Star Trek holodeck, a room designed to run immersive 3D simulations.

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Sandbox VR Hardware and Software


Consumer VR experiences have mostly relied on three pieces of hardware: an HMD, two controllers, and a processor, which could be a PC, a mobile phone, or built into the headset, as with Oculus Quest.

Sandbox VR makes use of the following components:

Head-mounted Display (HMD): Sandbox VR uses industry-standard VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus in its locations. This aspect of its technology is not proprietary.

Backpack Computer: Players strap a notebook computer made by a company such as MSI to their backs to allow for a greater range of motion.

Motion Capture Sensors: Motion capture trackers are placed on players’ wrists, feet, headsets, and other peripherals and props, such as guns. These devices track players’ movements by combining external motion capture and internal kinematics. This is one of Sandbox VR’s proprietary technologies.

Haptic Vests: Players wear a haptic vest to increase immersion, which simulates tactile sensations within the game. For example, if a zombie hits you, the vest may vibrate. This is yet another piece of proprietary hardware manufactured by the company.

Communications Headsets: Besides their HMDs, players wear headsets with microphones to communicate with their teammates throughout the experience. Razer manufactures some of these headsets.

Additional Peripherals: Depending on the game, players will use additional peripherals, such as prop guns, to create a more immersive experience. Wind effects (a row of fans) are also used in some experiences to enhance immersion.


One distinguishing Sandbox VR from the competition is that its experiences and adventures are unique to Sandbox VR. In other words, you can’t play any of the company’s games anywhere else.

Sandbox VR currently provides five experiences and adventures:

Deadwood Valley: A new addition as of Summer 2022, Deadwood Valley is an adrenaline-pumping zombie thrill ride through a zombie-infested town across isolated country roads and into the valley’s darkest depths.

Curse of Davy Jones: A pirate-themed game for children and adults. Players are tasked with discovering a long-lost treasure. Amber Sky 2088: In the future city of New Hong Kong, players shoot robots and aliens.

Star Trek Discovery: A Star Trek-themed game developed in collaboration with CBS. While exploring alien worlds, players use their phase guns to fight off enemies.

Deadwood Mansion is a zombie-shooter horror game in which players must survive a creepy mansion.

Unbound Fighting League (UFL): A sci-fi fighting game in which players become futuristic gladiators and compete against their friends. The experience is designed to combine physical sports with esports.

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How does Sandbox VR work?

To sum it up, everyone can see each other as they would in real life. They use real-time motion capture technology to produce films and video games.

Sandbox VR’s motion capture cameras track your entire body in real time, allowing you to see where everyone else is and what they’re doing. They will not resemble their usual human selves.

There are also clear boundaries to prevent you from leaving the game area. It will be safe for you as long as you pay attention and follow the in-game instructions.

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Sandbox Pricing

Sandbox prices range between $30.99 and $54.99 per person for 30 minutes (half an hour). It’s available from Monday to Sunday.

While you’ll have to pay for the gaming experience, the mixed reality videos shown to your group outside and inside VR are included free of charge.

You can modify your bookings up to the time of your reservation. You can also change the virtual you want to visit or play in up until the start of your reservations.

Do you want extended playtime in VR? Call Sandbox VR to discuss their “Back to Back” bookings if you do. Subject to availability, you can play any two games for a discounted rate on the second booking.

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Sandbox VR cancellation policy

Cancellations made at least 48 hours before your scheduled booking will result in a full refund to the original payment method or a gift certificate to be applied to a future booking.

Also, cancellations made within 24-48 hours of your booking will be charged a fee, with the remainder of your payment issued as a gift certificate to be applied to a future booking.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded.

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