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How to Become Popular in College

Hello guys and welcome once again to another interesting article. In today’s post, we will be talking about how one can become popular in college. I’m going to be dividing it into three separate sections which consist of one major and two small parts.

The first will be for everyone, both boys and girls. That is, the essential thing to do as a boy or a girl in order to become popular and I mean popular as in the good one and not being popular for gross things like running around nude or naked or some other stuff.

Secondly, I will be looking specifically into the male category which is the boys. Showing you how a guy can become popular in college and the various tips on things you should do and things you shouldn’t and hey, who knows you might even get your crush (wink wink).Early Finder

And lastly, of course, I will be showing you various steps to take and tips on things you should do in order to become really popular, and who knows maybe the guys are going to be viewing you in slow motion like how Kelly Rohrback (C.J Parker) was. So let’s get down to it.

Did you just finish high school or maybe you are already in college? And as you just finished high school you’re looking at entering into the diverse and somewhat scary world of college. Maybe in high school, you were the talk of the school and you are looking to retain the position in a college or maybe you weren’t so popular and you are looking at college as a big opportunity to up your game and become the face that everyone knows and is talking about. Or maybe you are already in college and you’re looking to improve your popularity, this is the post for you.

College isn’t high school and how things happen in the movies isn’t really how it’s going to play out in real life. Yeah, real life is more realistic, heck that is why it’s called real life in the first place. But not minding that like I said before am going to be showing you things that you need and things you are going to do. Also, know that everyone is trying and want to ride the wave and stand out in the crowd and become the center of attraction and attention. Now enough chit-chat let’s dive into it.BECOME POPULAR IN COLLEGE

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Seems simple enough but it isn’t really that simple, as it’s really common for people not actually know themselves. And you can’t really be popular if you’re a sadist and don’t even know yourself. Now your question is how can I even get to know myself; it’s not like I can just ask myself this. The key to achieving happiness and true peace is knowing yourself. And to do this, regular meditation and daily reflection help you gain a better understanding of yourself.

Here are some things you can do to understand yourself more. Being honest with yourself; knowing things that make you uncomfortable and recognizing different parts of your identity. Asking yourself thoughtful questions; makes you understand what makes you happy or stressed, you can ask yourself questions like what do I love doing? What are my dreams in life? Who is my role model? Other things include paying attention to your inner self and of course, writing a journal every day. By knowing yourself you are a step closer to popularity.

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No matter how much knowledge you have about yourself and how much skill you have, your mates will always judge you based on your appearance too, and if you are not the kind of person who cares about how they appear or you don’t even take good care of yourself, you’re not going to get popular. And how are you supposed to look so good that you stand out? Well, it isn’t hard but knows you are always supposed to be looking good, or always consistently attractive and not sometimes good, sometimes dirty.

In order to stand out, you need to do some things which include; Using your favorite feature, which is the feature that stands out in you. If you went through with step one and got insight on both the physical and mental parts of yourself, you should know the features you have that stand out, maybe you have nice thighs or for guys a really nice body (ripped, am sure you know what I mean), make sure you showcase them for example, the clothes you wear should be in accordance with the features you are looking to showcase, whether muscles or thighs. Next is showing off your beautiful hair (choose a haircut that works with your face and head shape), smiling always is also important, don’t be a grumpy dude, having a good body posture is also important, and don’t forget to wear nice clothes that showcase your beauty.

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 This involves various things and not just walking up and talking to people. Socialization included involving extra-curricular activities such as sports or maybe other cultural activities. Socialization also includes keeping healthy relationships with people. If you are not transparent in your relationship and interaction people tend to distance themselves from you and this isn’t the goal, we want people to get closer to us. So learn to be transparent in your relationship with people. But being social and interactive with people can sometimes get confusing and you end up pushing people away. In order to be more sociable and connected with people, make sure you make conversation, have approachable body language, and also make small talk. And I don’t mean small talk like Joe and Quagmire in Family Guy (if you know you know) and don’t forget to be interested in people and embrace new friends.

Now for the quick tips section. Firstly, the boys evaluate themselves, as you already know. Make sure to work out, when you are ripped and look strong let’s face it girls will surely come around, even guys are going be looking at you and they will like to see that ripped dude, after all, am sure the ladies like them biceps and abs if you know what I mean. Always stay clean don’t give an excuse for not looking neat. Walk with pride (you can boost your pride and self-confidence by working out). Talk to people and also become part of a group. And don’t forget to check what you wear and make money, yes it’s somewhat necessary and feels good to make your own money.

Now for the girls, following through with the first part will make you popular as a girl or guy, but just to get closer to the girls let me lose out on some things that will boost your popularity in college some of which include: Getting involved in school; this is achieved by joining a club, involving in sports, and of course funning for student council. Next is making new friends, make sure you mix it up both boys and girls but be careful when making friends and ensure to invite them to do things with you. Always have the right attitude and be sure to smile, friendly, and also take care of yourself. Finally, avoid peer pressure; just trust your instincts and avoid bullying and you will be fine.

Enough of the long story in summary, here are the things you need to do in order to stand out and become popular in college.

1. Get involved in school:

In order to stand out and get noticed, you need to get involved in various school activities which include joining a club, thus helping you socialize with people. If your main aim is popularity then try joining clubs that the popular people are in. You should also get involved in sports. Joining a sports team, especially one that you are really good at will help you get known and before you know it, you are rolling with the big dogs.

2. Make new friends (the right ones):

Making friends is another step in becoming popular in school, but you don’t just make random friends you need to be cautious and somewhat tactical when making friends, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to people, you should talk to everyone. Make sure to befriend people who have really good personalities and are ready popular, and to make the bond stronger invite them to do stuff with you.

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3. Always stay clean and healthy:

This involves working out mostly for the guys. When you look physically strong, girls will be attracted to you and you will even be able to fend off predators seeking to intimidate you. Staying clean is as well important which includes, brushing your teeth every day and showering frequently after all no one wants to be around a smelly person.

4. Stand out and have the right attitude:

People who stand out are somewhat appealing and different from the masses. In order to stand out, you will need to develop your own style, this helps stimulate a correct and positive attitude and it also attracts popularity so don’t forget to smile and ask about others. You can also run for student council.

With that, we have come to the end of this article don’t forget to check other posts and always live happily and upright don’t downgrade yourself because you, yes have the ability to do anything just put your mind to it, after all your never going to know if you’ve never even tried.



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