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9 Steps to bypass Minecraft security question

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to bypass the security question in Minecraft. Learn how to reset your account password, reset your security question, and gain access to your account without having to answer the security question.

Billions of enthusiastic players are available today, taking their anxious steps into the beautiful world of Minecraft. This is a place with a lot of fun and many things to look out for. So you find it very hard to log in to your account, and you have played a lot of games and have a lot of processes saved in the game can be very frustrating or the thought of starting afresh with a new account be very annoying or is it an old account and you will love to login into the account again but you have forgotten the answer to your security question answer or what was your question? Worry no more because today is your spontaneous day.

In the cause of today’s blog post, I am going to show you step-by-step guidelines on how to bypass Minecraft security questions. But before we start with the steps I will love to point out some things; there will be a need of installing a third-party application before this process can work effectively.bypass Minecraft security question

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Steps On How To Bypass Minecraft Security Questions

  1. Go and get a few Minecraft accounts with valid email and passwords or create some
  2. Download and install VPN on your device if you don’t have any installed on your device.
  3. Then your lunch your browsers go to https://Minecraft.net/Login and login to one of the accounts.
  4. You will get a page showing a security question you must answer to continue.
  5. We don’t know the answers to the security question but I will show you a way to get an easy security question answer in a few tries.How To Become A Private Island Caretaker
  6. All accounts on Minecraft have 3 security questions no matter what so keep CTRL+R until you see all 3 security questions.
  7. If the security question is asking about your favorite restaurant and stuff we won’t even have a 2% chance of finding out the answer.
  8. Refresh the page again to get another security question. If the security questions that comes up is not simple security question like; First School Name, Maiden Name, Favorite Hobby, Restaurant, etc.
  9. You keep reloading the page to eventually see good security questions, if one of the security questions that they ask you is about Your First Game Console then your lucky!

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  1. With this security question, you have the highest chance of cracking this easy security question more than the others because this is the easy security question to get an answer to.4 Steps to Cancel HelloFresh subscription
  2. I have done this with 2 accounts and I successfully cracked their security question.
  3. Strange enough, the two accounts had extremely similar answers and I know why… The answers to the two account security question were very similar making it very simple and possible to bypass the security question for the two accounts easily. “Nintendos” and then “Nintendo” this we’re the answer to the two Minecraft account security questions.
  4. You should try to guess the security questions answer using the most famous console around the time 2011 – 2013 because that’s when the most popular game consoles were being played.
  5. So you only get around 5 to 7 tries of answering it on each IP/Proxy so once you get a message saying too many failed attempts change your proxy and your IP I recommend a VPN to be able to do that.
  6. Activate your VPN (a virtual private network)
  7. So I recommend trying these guesses before messing around with caps and/or spaces: “Nintendo”, “Nintendo”, “PlayStation”, “Xbox”, “PlayStation 3”, and “Xbox360”.
  8. If all of them fail I recommend you to try messing around with spaces and you will have a chance of getting it.

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Most people will think this method is just a guessing game but trust me it’s not really because you have a better chance of cracking that question rather than this e.g. First School Name, Maiden Names, Favorite Hobby, Restaurant, etc. these are the only crackable question, and they have frequently used security questions so you stand a chance of cracking it. If this method doesn’t work for you, you contact their customer care and ask for assistance. I believe that today’s blog post has been able to handle your issue with your Minecraft account.

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