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Brand South Africa Bursary 2024 –

Brand South Africa Bursary 2024: This program aims to help deserving and qualified students pursue their careers by providing them with financial assistance. Read through to see the breakdown and how you can apply.

About Brand South Africa:

Brand South Africa is the official marketing company of South Africa. It has a mandate to build the country’s brand reputation, in order to trigger global competitiveness. Also, its primary focus is to create and execute proactive, well-coordinated plans for managing the reputation of marketing and communications effectively in South Africa. Their main objective is to intentionally market South Africa to both domestic and international audiences, thus positioning the country as the destination of choice for competitive investment and inspiring and instilling active citizenship amongst South Africans.

Brand South Africa as an institution aims to build the country’s reputation while bolstering its global competitiveness. The mission of this brand is to market the country and stimulate trade and tourism. The organization values integrity, diversity, innovation, collaboration, and Ubuntu (a Southern African philosophy emphasizing interconnectedness and community). It strives to instill pride and patriotism among South Africans while fostering active citizenship.

About Brand South Africa Bursary 2024 Program:  South Africa is currently offering bursaries for the academic year 2024-2025 across various fields, including:

  • Accounting Science (BCom) (Department: Finance)
  • Computer Science (BSc) (Department: Information Technology)
  • Human Resources (BCom) (Department: Human Resources)
  • Law (BCom) (Department: Legal)
  • Marketing (BCom) (Department: Marketing)
  • Multimedia (BIS) (Department: Marketing)
  • Public or International Relations (BCom) (Department: Stakeholder Relations)
  • Social or Political Science (BCom) (Department: Research)
  • Supply Chain (BCom) (Department: Finance)

Coverage and Service Contract of Brand South Africa Bursary 2024

The bursary covers tuition fees and textbooks for one academic year, from January 1, 2024–2025, to December 31, 2024–2025. N/B: It does not encompass accommodation expenses.

Accordingly, shortlisted candidates will get feedback within a month after the application deadline. However, in the absence of feedback by this date, consider the application unsuccessful.

Brand South Africa Bursary 2024 Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for the Brand South Africa Bursary, applicants must meet these prerequisites:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • Currently in Matric or intending to pursue one of the listed qualifications in 2024-2025
  • Candidates must be planning to enroll at a recognized and accredited tertiary institution in South Africa
  • Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Preference is given to dependents of Brand South Africa employees, although all students are eligible to apply.

How to Apply:

Eligible students should submit the following documents:

  • A certified copy of the ID document
  • Grade 11 Final Report
  • Matric Statement of Results (to be submitted by shortlisted candidates)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of acceptance at a university (on the institution’s letterhead)

Send these documents via email to, indicating your field of study and relevant department in the email subject line (e.g., “Marketing—BCOM Marketing”).

Additional Information

  • The bursary covers expenses for one year of study.
  • Students are eligible to re-apply each year to receive the bursary.
  • The brand bursary does not cover any expenses in connection with it, like personal accommodation.
  • Selected students for the bursary will receive communication within one month of the closing date of the bursary.
  • Students are expected to return the bursary money if it is not used for the above-mentioned expenses. It is to be returned to Brand South Africa.

Closing Date:

The deadline for bursary applications is November 24. Ensure submission before this date for consideration.

Contact Information for Brand South Africa:
For inquiries about this bursary program, reach out to Brand South Africa directly:

Contact Persons: Lesedi Khalo / Lwandile Gumbi Tel: 011 483 0122 Email:

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